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Video: Drake Performs Mrs. Officer w/ Lil Wayne

Props to hustleGRL.

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4 Responses to “Video: Drake Performs Mrs. Officer w/ Lil Wayne”

  1. Werknplay Says:

    LF: why do they still have those “BeKanye” ads on the bus & trains.??

    *MTA Fail*

  2. Digital Scales Says:

    If i tell a nigga fuck you, you pussy

    And then the nigga go and smack my mans

    And i say nahhh you know what, i see where this is going, i don’t want nobody to die, i don’t want nobody to get hurt, ima stop all this ignorant shit cause at the end of the day it doesnt do nothing…who is going to respect that?

  3. Werknplay Says:


    Lol, but true

  4. Hardest in NY (ask ur bitch) Says:

    buddens is ass.
    but what is with all these weak ass drake posts? he must be related to eskay… i like lil homie and all, but that little 30 sec video was hardly worth a post.

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