MC Lyte – Brooklyn

MC Lyte – Brooklyn

Props to Statik Selektah & Tony Touch.

Previously: Jay-Z feat. MC Lyte – BK Anthem

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3 Responses to “MC Lyte – Brooklyn”

  1. A tribe called quest Says:

    please stop ms lyte

  2. bkJUICE Says:

    jay-z is older then mc lyte

  3. Digital Scales Says:

    Just to comment on that joe budden post..

    To me it sounds like a cop out…

    If you pop that shit, then live that shit…Your mans or whoever that was to you got smacked in your name and now your talking about squashing beef?

    How you think the nigga that got smacked feels?

    Shit is funny to me….before you popped shit you should of known this is where it was going, budden was hoping it would stay on wax, but now seeing that ran seems to serious he wants to fall back…

    I don’t know sounds like a cop out, regardless

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