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Wale – UK Freestyle


When I’m gone, the whole city miss me… I’m on my UK shit!

Wale – UK Freestyle

Apparently for the new album from Mark Ronson, the Brit that’s been in Manhattan stateside long enough to lose that silly accent.

Props to younger Legend for checking in with this.

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11 Responses to “Wale – UK Freestyle”

  1. sleep Says:

    I have a hard time thinking that these retailers are struggling. I’m out @the mall today and I didn’t get any deals.

  2. sleep Says:

    U niggas bitch made
    Couldn’t get ur bitch made
    Cause she aint tomb raid
    Meaning she aint angelina status
    Not the baddest don’t fuck with chicks like trina
    With the over size ass and thighs
    Yeah I like my chicks slender like rihanna
    But to each his own
    Most niggas trying to bag and bone
    Fuck prefences
    Not for me I’m a picky nigga
    Left this one chicks cause she couldn’t use chop sticks
    These 3 letter house I don’t fuck with them
    HIV STD yeah she got all of them
    Me and hov just alike we don’t need a fucking pen
    He ryhme off the top
    I type into my black berry
    Shorty jeans so tight that I could her jay-z face
    Now I’m on facebook ex bitches trying to reconnect without routers
    Meaning no naked pictures
    So I’m like neyo go on girl go on girl

  3. RZD Says:

    seriously, this kid nation doesn’t deserve the nah reigns.

  4. RZD Says:

    max b = maximum bitchassness

  5. Digital Scales Says:

    Bitch i might be

  6. anons Says:

    that queens get the money vid was hot (people sleep on james baldwin) but the realest of the year was killer mike’s pressure…don’t forget that one nahggaz

  7. nation Says:

    >> seriously, this kid nation doesn’t deserve the nah reigns.

    i don’t know why is your gay ass still thinking about me on a Friday night

  8. Nando Says:

    this has been out for a year

  9. call me mr garr Says:

    this song is over a year old. it was originally called “Fish N Chips”. And it’s not for the new Mark Ronson album. It’s actually Wale rapping over one of the tracks from Ronson’s last album, Version.

  10. cestert Says:

    yeah i was rocking this shit long ago

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