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Video: DJ Premier at Streetsweeper’s Radio

DJ Kay Slay places a bottle of Ciroc on Sara Jay’s backside.

Related: DJ Premier produced “N 2 Gether Now” with Limp Bizket’s DJ Lethal.

Previously: Sara Jay on Streetsweeper’s Radio (Video)

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4 Responses to “Video: DJ Premier at Streetsweeper’s Radio”

  1. Joe Turksta Says:

    She don’t do anal… Pretend Whore.

  2. danagram Says:

    that’s just the gold standard for badonkadonk….balancing a bottle of liquor and/or using it as a table to roll blunts on/do lines off.
    sara j, whoever you are, thats a nice fat ass for a snowflake. A++

  3. J. Caesar Says:

    danagram lmao and i agree shorty got a culo, but her cara ehhhh, but watever i’d still hit…from behind lol

  4. damn yo Says:

    she can get it from the back and the front with my eyes closed

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