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Fabolous – Brooklyn (We Go Hard)


Loso’s keeps his word.

Fabolous – Brooklyn (We Go Hard) [via OS]

“There’s only one King and he’s not self-proclaimed.”

BONUS: Jazmine Sullivan feat. Fabolous – Lions, Tigers & Bears (RMX) [via 2DBz]

Crooked I – Crooked He Go Hard
Joell Oritz – Brooklyn (We Go Hard) Freestyle
Uncle Murda – Brooklyn We Go Hard
Jay-Z ft. Santogold – Brooklyn Go Hard (Video)
Jay-Z ft. Santogold – Brooklyn Go Hard (Dirty)
Jay-Z feat. Santogold – Brooklyn (Go Hard)
Fabolous – Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)

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33 Responses to “Fabolous – Brooklyn (We Go Hard)”

  1. moresickaMC Says:

    “There’s only one King and he’s not self-proclaimed.”

    shot @ Jay? isnt fab undr Rocafella

  2. moresickaMC Says:

    so did he mean the only king was biggie

  3. kevfresco Says:

    “There’s only one King and he’s not self-proclaimed.”

    if that is a shot…..i heard it real heavy. kudos los’.

    get hov outta here.

  4. nation Says:

    he’s definitely not dissing Jay on this one, he said if it’s now Shawn it’s John

    except if he snuck in some sublimes.

  5. kevfresco Says:

    he said if it’s now Shawn it’s John


  6. kevfresco Says:

    oh you meant not shawn its john right?

  7. moresickaMC Says:

    “yall gon bow homes/its dow jones/80 cal chrome”

    “im the shaky hand that touched George Foreman/in Zaire/the same hand that punched down devils/ that brought down the towers”


  8. Big Joe Krash Says:

    Wow, Loso sounding like he actually cares about what he’s rapping on for a change..it’s a god look for him

  9. kevfresco Says:

    i know right…still lingers.

    “take 27 mcs’ put em in a line and they out of alignment
    my assignment since he said retirement
    hidin behind 8 mile and the chronic
    gets rich but dies tryin
    this is hot science
    now take 23 more from queens to b’more
    i’m ova they heads like a bulimic on a seesaw
    now thats 50 porch monkeys ate up at the same time…..”

  10. kevfresco Says:

    where would so-called lyricist be w/o the 18th letta tho?

  11. Legend Says:

    i figured he said Sean (as in Diddy)

  12. CiCi The Intern Says:

    kev, moresick, nation…*post-Christmas hugs*

  13. kevfresco Says:

    o know this is a heavy late pass but that wii bowling is THE shit.

    matter of fact that whole sports package cd that come w/it is dope.

    a nigga had to take a break off the boxing tho…i’m sweaty as hell shits like a workout.

    my son is salted talkin bout his granny bout it for him.

    i had to humble him w/my authoritaaye!

  14. miltee Says:

    the only problem is big was also the self proclaimed king..

    “ain’t no other kings in this rap thing they siblings” (c) Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door, 1997

  15. kevfresco Says:

    whasup ci


    happy holidays?

  16. miltee Says:

    happy holidays .

    I got raped 400 bucks today. At least I copped gear for the year.

  17. kevfresco Says:

    damn esk mr. shiny suit/black 007 keepin ya ad revenue piling huh?

    you bout to go T.V. wit it huh?

    you gon forget about all us bloggers huh?

  18. CiCi The Intern Says:

    # kevfresco Says:
    December 26th, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    whasup ci


    happy holidays?

    My bad Kev…I almost forgot we got some non-Christmas celebrating folks on here lol

  19. digital scales Says:

    Knicks gotta step it up!

  20. kevfresco Says:

    nah its cool ci.

    last thing i wanna do is alienate people i dont even know.

    g’head & live baby.

  21. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    This shit aiight. Fab still needs to step his rap game up

  22. Reyn Says:



  23. Legend Says:

    who you guys think ripped this beat better?

    ima go with Joell…

  24. digital scales Says:

    Joell easy

  25. secondbest21 Says:

    …so basically, this is just american gangster part deux?

  26. sleep Says:

    Wtf the knicks are back to old form.this is not the same team from the first 2 months.

  27. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    What the fucks up nah

    what kinda good shit yall get for x-mas?

  28. LVdon23 Says:

    Fab failed with his rap career.

  29. G7 Says:

    >>…so basically, this is just american gangster part deux?

    pretty much

  30. sleep Says:

    Fab career is the perfect example of what happens when a artist refuse to grow or isn’t skillful enough to grow.

  31. Darbouze Says:

    So having more technical ability then and more songwriting ability is not growth?

  32. BigCaSH24 Says:

    Fab never failed…he’s probably better than your favorite rapper lyricaly & flow wise…

    “There Is No Competition”

    ^Better listen to that mixtape

  33. J. Caesar Says:

    sleep thats crazy to say fab has had some good joints, he isn’t on a jay or nas level but he has held his own….

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