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Video: Congratulations to Nikki Jean

The very talented and lovely Mademoiselle Jean officially signs her contract with Sony BMG/Columbia Records.

Welcome to the machine.

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8 Responses to “Video: Congratulations to Nikki Jean”

  1. el philth Says:

    is it me or is she signing that contract wild recklessly?? you better have a goldstein or bloomberg hebrew read that shyt mama or you mightve signed a 50 album 360 deal with only 3 videos??? shyt is shady these days ya digg??

  2. UpNorth Says:

    I was just thinking the saaaaaaaaame thing. Made me think of that Dru Ha skit on The Storm (OGC) album…

  3. 85still live Says:

    yea she aint even readin nothin! she just wanted a record deal, no specifics.

  4. Flideye Says:

    I’m pretty sure that was more for the cameras, and SOMEBODY proofed that contract. I had a chance to meet shorty back stage @ The Glow In The Dark Concert while in Chicago over the summer and she was one of the nicest, most sincere people I’ve ever met in this sh!t business. Congrats to her. Good thing seeing nice things happen to nice people.

  5. Optee Says:

    Congrats to Nikki…she has another vlog where she hears her voice on hip hop saved my life and it’s a real moment..but this just made me feel like…damn, I’d love the oppurtunity to splash off in her….looks like the child support checks would be nice and my seeds would have that good hair!

  6. Phil Says:

    Another fiasco signed on the dotted line. Anyone who thinks this girl can actually sing must be T-Pain and Kanye fans.

  7. jon jon Says:

    Congrats homie, getit getit getit!….Minneaplis/St.Paul in the buildin’

  8. Q Says:

    I went to high school with her. She’s far from stupid (in fact, one of the smartest in the school) and her mom’s an expert on legalities……don’t let the video fool you! She’s thrilled, but not dumb!! Congratulations Nikki Jean!!!! Rep the ‘burgh girl!

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