Cookin’ Soul x NMC – Merry Little Xmas (Mixtape)


Xmas is a time for meeting, for giving and to celebrate. We at Cookin’ Soul want to celebrate this successful year that we’ve had by sharing with y’all some Xmas-inspired instrumentals to rap your Xmas carols on. Sean Paul and Swizz Beatz already did their job now we wanna hear yours! Merry Xmas to y’all!!!

Cookin’ Soul Superproducers, Valencia, Spain 24th December 2008

Hit the jump for the download link & track list.

Click to enlarge.

Download: Santa Claus & Cookin’ Soul – Merry Little Xmas (Rap the Carols Edition)

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114 Responses to “Cookin’ Soul x NMC – Merry Little Xmas (Mixtape)”

  1. pockets Says:

    the third dude in the black looks like my elementary school sidekick

  2. pockets Says:

    santa’s boner is actually out

  3. Prada Main Says:


  4. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    The first dude with shades on is Rick Kamla blood brother

  5. pockets Says:

    The dude on the RIGHT is the nigga that raped the dude in the middle on the left

  6. landLORD Says:


    click to enlarge


    … ayo …

  7. Prada Main Says:

    *listens to previous post song for 1st time*

  8. Digital Scales Says:

    the first dude looks like that white barber in the hood that gives a mean haircut

  9. pockets Says:

    the third dude in the back helps the first dude cheat on tests

  10. Digital Scales Says:

    i say nobody download this shit

  11. nation Says:

    why ain’t we standin in front of Curren$y’s nana’s house no mo?!?

  12. Prada Main Says:

    John Starks has been idolized in New York for several reasons:

    His rags-to-riches story of graduating from being a bagger in a supermarket in Tulsa to the NBA.

    As a Knick, he often played exceedingly well against the league’s weaker teams.

    And for his in-your-puss dramatic dunk that posterized His Airness.
    But I know him from the CBA:

    Where he routinely ate peanuts or popcorn while sitting on the bench.

    Where he was only interested in scoring to the extent that he’d dribble and fake for up to 20 seconds until he could create a shot — and when there was no shot to be found, he’d pass to a teammate who’d then have to throw the ball at the basket to avoid a shot-clock violation.
    So I was not at all surprised when he totally choked against Houston in the seventh game of the 1994 NBA finals, shooting 2-for-18, including 0-for-11 from beyond the arc.

    Losers eventually lose the big ones.

  13. landLORD Says:

    the nigga in the Cubs hat says Sammy Sosa is his father … his mother was a Chicago prostitute …

  14. foekist Says:

    i wonder if hovs goon are gonna retaliate on jimmy nim. jimmy tryin real hard to drab hov back into the streets, i dont think Hov gonna fall for it though. They did ta ta wrong though, lol.

  15. Prada Main Says:

    this might go down as the stupidest mixtape yet *downloads*

  16. Digital Scales Says:

  17. pockets Says:

    esko ur decision-making of when to post new things is horrible

  18. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    Digital Scales Says:

    December 24th, 2008 at 2:49 pm
    the first dude looks like that white barber in the hood that gives a mean haircut


    lol that’s that classic white dude posted up giving ill fades and low ceasars. his girlfriend is black and she thinks he has a small pecker but loves his stability and work ethic [||]

  19. nation Says:

    should i post the bigger resolution of the cover, in case you guys still have some ammo (ll)

  20. Prada Main Says:

    yo eskay holler at these Cookin Soul dudes and tell them to make a mixtape with all of MOP’s songs where they were GUEST’s. That shit would be iLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  21. pockets Says:

    should i post the bigger resolution of the cover, in case you guys still have some ammo (ll)

    ^go ahead nate i need a better look at dude on the right i think if u shave his beard off thats the nigga that raped me


    speaking of stubbs(||)

    there was a guy in my highschool nicknamed stubbs because he didn’t have a index finger

    one time he was bragging about how he finger. stub banged a chick

  23. Prada Main Says:

    santa is a nigga that raped me

  24. foekist Says:

    Stompin ta ta out is aight, but stompin out Ne yo would make me feel bad, thats almost like beatin on a woman.

  25. Prada Main Says:

    MOP featured songs……this is a start:

    I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy (Remix) 50 Cent
    Stand Clear Adam F
    Crossfire Afu-Ra
    Warfare Afu-Ra
    Sit ‘Em Back Slow AZ
    Figadoh (Remix) Benzino
    New York Giants Big Pun
    Annihilation Black Moon
    Call the Ambulance (Remix) Busta Rhymes
    Ready For War Busta Rhymes
    Bucktown USA (Remix) Cocoa Brovas
    Let it Go Cormega
    Men of Business Cuban Link
    World Premiere Da Brat
    No Doubt Das EFX
    No Love DJ Clue
    Symphony EPMD
    Keepin’ it Gangsta (Remix) Fabolous
    Fight Club Fat Joe
    Focus Frankie Cutlass
    Know Da Game Frankie Cutlass
    Bumpy Bring it Home Freddie Foxxx
    The Mastas Freddie Foxxx
    Ante Up (Remix) Funkmaster Flex
    B.I. vs Friendship GangStarr
    Who Got Gunz GangStarr
    My Kinda Nigga Heather B
    U Don’t Know (Remix) Jay-Z
    Extended Family Journalist
    W.O.L.V.E.S. Krumb Snatcha
    Jealousy Kurupt
    Heads Off (My Niggas) Lil’ Jon
    Hood Muzik Memphis Bleek
    The Hussle Mr. Cheeks
    Bad Boy For Life (Remix) P. Diddy
    No Mercy Pharoahe Monch
    I’m Back Rakim
    4 My Peeps Red Hot Lover Tone
    Torture Screwball
    Y’all Don’t Wanna Fuck Styles
    Rawness Teflon
    Welcome to the Machine Remix Termanology
    Masquerade Wyclef Jean
    Let it Bang X-Ecutioners
    BK to LA Xzibit
    Guns Go Bang Young Buck

  26. nation Says:

    i’m bout to lace yall

  27. Digital Scales Says:

    old balls

  28. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    santa is a nigga that raped me


    says the blicka that raped ME

  29. rex hussla Says:

    These dudes look like people I hang out with[ll]

  30. nation Says:

    does jim jones ball in the same league as bamma1 & bamma2

  31. Digital Scales Says:

    cam and max b

  32. Prada Main Says:

    Rex you see Fashawn’s mixtape dropped? the serendipity

  33. nation Says:

    ^ this bamma’s still waiting on that feature

  34. rex hussla Says:

    Prada Main Says:

    December 24th, 2008 at 2:57 pm
    santa is a nigga that raped me

    nah b that was your father *ducks*

  35. Prada Main Says:

    so many bammas not enough time

  36. nation Says:

    New York City’s Bronfman Bammer Fostering Program

  37. Digital Scales Says:

    im telling you nation!

  38. rex hussla Says:

    Prada Main Says:

    December 24th, 2008 at 3:03 pm
    Rex you see Fashawn’s mixtape dropped? the serendipity

    Yeah man when I get home I’m downloading that asap




  40. nation Says:

    “wow so this snow is just like that drug we have in Alabama”

  41. nation Says:

    we gettin little girls thowed tonight

  42. Digital Scales Says:

    oh wow at

    ^ this bamma’s still waiting on that feature

  43. nation Says:

    i showed Legend the last thread, he’s dying

  44. Prada Main Says:

    *hangs out with bammas cuz they know how to get thowed with no dough*

  45. Digital Scales Says:

    wow nation lmao

    where you get those fucking pictures, kid funny looking fans

  46. nation Says:

    if i go to sleep now i can have this many GRITTTSSSSSSS

  47. Prada Main Says:

    nation got a bamma detector?

  48. nation Says:

    holy fuck i called this

  49. Digital Scales Says:

    # nation Says:
    December 24th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    we gettin little girls thowed tonight

    this nigga currency and his masseuse

  50. D_Block_4_Life Says:


  51. nation Says:

    ^ dropped outta school, trapped like a bitch

  52. Digital Scales Says:

    # nation Says:
    December 24th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    we gettin little girls thowed tonight

    this nigga currency and his masseuse

  53. nation Says:

    juggling firecrackers is detrimental to your vision

    colorbling bammas

  54. nation Says:

    there’s no one standing over him (ll)

    Eli Porter transuniversal brainfreeze, he isn’t even writing anything down with the way he’s holding that pen

  55. Prada Main Says:

    my dumb ass homie had like 3 magazine subsrcriptions for like a year cuz he went to BestBuy and they asked what magazine would he like to try for free. He always picked one

  56. nation Says:

    “is a blow job still 20 dollas if there’s 5 of us”

  57. Prada Main Says:

    yo Nation did you see the Thomas clip on my jawn? its right up your alley

  58. nation Says:

    ^ i don’t know what that means Fux

    “but you said we was goin to tha Ritz”

  59. rex hussla Says:

    I spent like $40 bills on magazines yesterday smh…I could have got subscriptions to 3 of ’em for the same price.

    But I copped the new GQ and the Wayne article is funny…dude is a fucking weirdo.

  60. Prada Main Says:

    ^ Nation here is the goods!!!!!!!!!!

  61. nation Says:


  62. nation Says:

    not nice Fux


    -he punsshhhhhhhhhhhh meeeee

    -i deeeed it

  63. pockets Says:

    nation must know that bamma personally those are some personal pictures

  64. Cashman 718 productions Says:

    this is what im talking about i love theses guys real humble dudes

    its for hip hop yall!!!

  65. D_Block_4_Life Says:


  66. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    are all these links safe for work? big homie fucked up the game with his links of black chicks with their asshole hanging out

  67. nation Says:

    yeah chea, i don’t play those games


  68. rex hussla Says:

    The Grizzlies acquired Steve Francis on Wednesday in a trade with the Rockets in exchange for a conditional second-round pick in 2011. The trade also calls for Memphis to re-acquire a 2009 second-rounder which it had dealt to Houston on draft day in June and for the Rockets, according to NBA front-office sources, to pay the remainder of Francis’ $2.6 million salary for this season.

  69. rex hussla Says:

    Organizers of a sex fest to mark International Orgasm Day were forced to cancel the event after public pressure became too intense, reports Ynetnews. The sex fest, to be the largest of its kind in Israel, was meant to promote world peace, the article states.

    The orgy was organized by the Raelian movement, a UFO religion whose followers believe humankind was created by aliens. The group’s spokesman, Kobi Drori, said that the orgy was meant to include straights, gays, lesbians and bisexuals, all of them over 18.

    “The purpose of the event was to try and bring world peace through mass orgasm, this by experiencing consensual sex and natural, uninterrupted pleasure. It was important to make love without feeling guilty or shy,” he explained.

    The Raelian website provides information on the group behind the sex fest.

    The Raelian Revolution is boldly bringing about a complete paradigm shift on our planet. The Messages given to Rael by our human Creators from space contain the world’s most fearlessly individualistic philosophy of love, peace, and non-conformism: a beautiful combination of spirituality, sensuality, and science.

  70. Prada Main Says:

    i sent my girl a big ass basket from Gift Tree to her job…. I am so getting my shit sucked and she is going to swallow .owwwwwwwwwwww

  71. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    lol fux is braggin about gettin it from the girl he been with for years, homie she should touch it for a ball of lint

  72. Prada Main Says:

    I know Chea she touches it in Miami all the time but it gets special i.e Swallows when I go that extra mile

  73. Prada Main Says:

    yo Chea you get the 11/12 pack? I couldnt drop that half a not, i just couldnt

  74. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    my homie was supposed to hold an 11/12 pack for me (in miami), i’m seeing him today to see if nike delivered (in miami).

  75. moresickaMC Says:

    December 24, 2008. An ALL OUT war appears to have just broke out in New York between rapper Jim Jones and rival Jay Z. And Jim Jones won the first battle.

    For weeks now popular NYC based rapper Jim Jones has been taking verbal swipes against Jay Z. But EXCLUSIVELY learned that on Monday, things went from verbal to physical – and unfortunately R&B singer Ne-Yo got caught up in it.

    Things came to a head on Monday at NYC’s ultra-luxurious Louis Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Jim Jones and a group of men ran into Jay Z’s best friend Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith and R&B singer Ne-Yo while doing some Christmas shopping.

    Then, according to a witness who spoke EXCLUSIVELY to, one of Jimmy’s pals made a disparaging comment about Jay Z to Ty Ty. And when the 5 foot 4 Ty Ty responded – things really popped off.

    The insider explained, “It was total chaos – Ty Ty got stomped out right there in the store – I though they were going to kill him. And when Ne-Yo tried to break it up, he got stomped too … someone had their foot on Ne-Yo’s neck!!!”

    No word on the extent of injuries that either man faced. But our source claims that neither appeared to suffer serious injuries.

    Representatives for Jay Z and Jim Jones were not available for comment at the time of publication.

    Louis Vuitton store on 57th and 5th today Jim Jones came in with his entourage and Ne-Yo and Ta Ta (apparently Jay-Z’s cousin) were already there at the register when Jones’ entourage allegedly started beating Ta Ta up as Jim Jones made his way to the side so he wouldn’t get hit by anything. (I suspect if this is true, he was ducking a lawsuit or police involvement) They allegedly tried to picked Ta Ta up and throw him on the glass table in the store. Rumor has it the whole incident was taped

  76. moresickaMC Says:

    wow i wonder wot Jay will do if that story bout Jimmys crew stompin Ty Ty & NeYo out is true

  77. rex hussla Says:

    Jones’ entourage allegedly started beating Ta Ta up as Jim Jones made his way to the side so he wouldn’t get hit by anything.

    If this whole story is true…than Jim Jones is a bigger bitch than I already thought he was.

  78. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    wow what a pussy move jay bout to show jim the true camel clutch and he might even fuckeezass

  79. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    co-sig rex this just makes jenny jones look extra-bitch made. a whole crew of cats is required to take out a dude who’s 5’4” and a known gay R&B sanger? wow shit’s disgustin

  80. rex hussla Says:

    Jones is the epitome of a pussy…you can tell that that’s his whole steez.

  81. moresickaMC Says:

    “Don’t be actin like you can’t see street action
    Take me back to Reasonable Doubt time” – Jay-Z

  82. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    dame probably suggested the whole thing, he’s even worser of a bitch and he never been thoro, bougie-ass stacey dash’s cousin smh smh dude’s softer than cotton candy

  83. moresickaMC Says:

    they start f*ccin wit jay just when hes settling down to start a family

    f*cc n*ggaz. they couldnt go @ him when he was on top of the game

  84. Prada Main Says:

    i find the whole altercation disgusting….. let one of your goons go for dolo with Ty Ty…..for real. If he catches an L you rag on him about it. but you break it up before it gets ugly. …… everybody loses in this. Ty should have kept his mouth shut and k.i.m.

  85. moresickaMC Says:

    latest reports r that it wasnt Ty Ty but his younger brother Von

    …which make sit even worse

  86. Prada Main Says:

    *continues to watch Lock Stock and two smoking barrells on immaculate tv in bedroom* *sips tea*

  87. Prada Main Says:

    Police and thieves by Junior Murvin and the Clash >__________

  88. moresickaMC Says:

    lol@ Diddy talkin about a recession. dude is probably makin more money than evr

    i hear his colognes/vodka r selling very well..dude just launched another cologne this month

  89. rex hussla Says:

    Part of me doesn’t even think that shit is true because Jimmy’s obsession with Jay has reached epic heights, I could see him spending a whole week making up the story and sending it out to all the internet outlets.

  90. rex hussla Says:

    Rapper, actor and overall entrepreneur, 50 Cent, is having his MTV reality show canceled after roughly one month on the air. After debuting on November 6 [click to read], The Money and the Power will be permanently shelved due to disappointing ratings. MTV Entertainment President Brian Gradenthe also cited the network’s desire to find shows that better “reflect Generation ‘Why Not?’—living, working and playing on their own terms, ‘adventure capitalists’ if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill-seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises.”

    *fucking DEAD*

    Seriously though, 50’s DONE…remember that huge banger [ll] he released a month back? What’d that get, spins for 2 weeks?

  91. D. Billz Says:

    Updates (AHH) say that it actually wasn’t Tah, but rather Tah’s brother.

    Budden hasn’t responded yet. Fab must not be pickin’ up his phone…

  92. rex hussla Says:

    Make the 50 cancellation a post Eskay…you know you want to rub it in *extreme* [ll] ayoooooooo to myself

  93. moresickaMC Says:

    BET picked up 50s show

  94. D_Block_4_life Says:


  95. rex hussla Says:

    moresickaMC Says:

    December 24th, 2008 at 4:40 pm
    BET picked up 50s show

    smh…makes sense

  96. D. Billz Says:

    LOL @ iFux’s blog, not realizing that Souljah Boy confessed his physical attraction for Cory Gunz.

  97. nation Says:

  98. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Jay electronica is my new favorite rapper….just saying….hello? hi how you doin?

  99. D_Block_4_life Says:

    That shit with Gnarls barkely is like…..words can’t even do it any justice….

  100. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    *soldier boy and cory gunz on a date at the movie theatre*

    *SB reaches over and touches CG’s hand*

    SB: yuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    CG: gadzoinks!

  101. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    Jay electronica is my new favorite rapper


    ur internets rap stannery is so 2007

    for my money the king of the internets rappers in NYOIL – his swag is impetuous

  102. D_Block_4_life Says:

    ur internets rap stannery is so 2007

    maybe but duke is still incredible nonetheless

  103. Martin Margiela Mane Says:

    the ne-yo song with fab is tight, the beat is mad simple but it goes hard

  104. A tribe called quest Says:

    for my money the king of the internets rappers in NYOIL – his swag is impetuous

    LMFAO nigga said nyoil

    *goes back to lurking*

  105. nation Says:

    ^ fucking bammas

  106. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Dead @ nations relentless abuse of bamma’s today.

  107. D_Block_4_life Says:

    young chris >

    Joell >

    Jay Elec >

    Buddens >

  108. D_Block_4_life Says:

    that new fat joe and browz shit is tough for the clubs….

  109. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Free too >

  110. R.Friday Says:

    How crazy is that 50% off sale at Karmaloop?

  111. D. Billz Says:

    hello? hi how you doin?

    ^ WTF?! @ the bipolar broken-wrist exchange of greetings

  112. D_Block_4_life Says:

    ^ WTF?! @ the bipolar broken-wrist exchange of greetings

    lol….what it is homie?

  113. click Says:

    Very exceptional pieces of information. Very nice webpage though. I applaud

  114. Rue107 Says:

    Eyyy esa gente de Cookin Soul!!
    Este pepino de trabajo no puedo descargarmelo porque el enlace ya no está disponible y se me ha borrado del equipo, espero que podais ayudarme a volver a conseguirlo.

    Un gran apoyo.
    Un saludo desde nuestra ciudad, Valencia.

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