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Video: B.o.B. – I’ll Be In The Sky (Unplugged)

I just wanna say that this is my shit.

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17 Responses to “Video: B.o.B. – I’ll Be In The Sky (Unplugged)”

  1. b-ease Says:

    B.O.B’s dope. I’ve been rocking that “Cloud 9” since June. Bout to see what this joint’s bout…

  2. McFly Says:

    All HBO shows are 50% off at Best buy this week.

    If you haven’t copped yet, you can get the entire box set of The Wire for $90.

  3. rex hussla Says:

    yeah eskay this shit is dope

  4. InFaMoUsHeRo Says:

    New Ya Boy – So Mean


  5. ace Says:

    b.o.b = the fuckin shit

    hes gonna blow up, and im the one who turned him on to everyone at school !!!

  6. Big Homie Says:

    Who The Fuck Is BOB Mixtape gets madd play

    Good shit

    *continues to drink*

  7. JDuboy Says:

    B.O.B is my shit son! I sincerely wanna meet this dooood

  8. B Says:

    Yeah I think B.O.B is gonna be big (Pause)

  9. Darbouze Says:

    He’s average

  10. digital scales Says:

    First 8 comments actually are on topic with the post

    Nahright falling off

  11. pockets Says:

    ill be in the sky + Generation Lost >>>>

  12. pockets Says:

    b.o.b. also produces his schitt too

  13. pockets Says:


    ill be in the sky > Day ‘N Night im just sayin

  14. Big Homie Says:

    Lmao at Digital

    Nah Right?

  15. chea Says:

    *posts from the persp of a jamaican*

    jah right

  16. CiCi The Intern Says:

    She gives me service with a smile…

  17. JDuboy Says:

    I got that Double Bubble

    B.O.B’s hooks are masterful, he a trippy dood

    “A triple stack all in her hand, she said she likes the way it make her dance”

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