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Video: Studio Beef (Joe Budden TV)

Previously: Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden – Move On

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25 Responses to “Video: Studio Beef (Joe Budden TV)”

  1. Beanie B Sigel Says:

    Some rappers need to step up their beard grooming game…Namely, Lloyd Banks and Joe Budden.

  2. Kabir Says:

    shit, therapy for rappers.

    love joe budden tv. we need an ‘inside the rapper’s studio’ though.

  3. John Black Says:

    This shit is a classic.

  4. nation Says:

    smh @ “okay, you can turn me on now”

    dead @ DP trying to hijack Joe Budden TV

  5. A22 Says:

    These videos are great. Joe needs to shorten his shit up though and fit in with what Joell wants to do, since it is his song. Although I’m looking at it in my Itunes right now and he definitely didn’t, haha. Also In Da Club is over 4 minutes long.

  6. bgman0600 Says:

    It’s just two different ways of seeing the process. The hard part is that their both right. I understand joel’s point about doing it in a traditional way that’s pleased people forever and i understand joe’s point that innovation is needed. but sometimes tradition is boring and sometimes innovation doesn’t pan out. so they both have points. I’m just glad that a) their actually in a studio together b)they both care this much about the number of verses on a a damn song and c) that they have defined views that are both totally hip hop, totally artistic and totally different. I loved that video

  7. Digital scales Says:


    watching this shit, i can tell that joell wants to just punch joe budden in the face…

    when my bitch starts to whine bitch and moan she gets her way to

    see joe budden : when that nigga start to whine and moan and his voice get all high pitched i can’t stand that shit, i be having the same face joell ortiz had, just waiting for this nigga to shut the fuck up

  8. BANKS Says:

    Ain’t the nigga shootin’ the video the same nigga that had a video on youtube where he was watching the lakers-suns game in a bathroom of an espn sportcenter, grubbin on a sandwich and sippin on pepsi? Lmao this nigga looks like a bum. Plus he ain’t funny at all in this video right here.

  9. Cinsere Says:

    I’m wit’ Joe…hearing the song again, 16’s woulda been way too short.

  10. N-Turn Says:

    If it’s Joell’s song the argument should be mute. JB should have just done the song how Joell wants it done & vice versa. If you’re bringing on a special guest to do a song with you, you are in essence the director of that situation. Just do the way Joell wants it.

  11. saul goode Says:

    Good argument on both sides. DP was killing me with the sideline shit, like a nigga talking through a movie. The one thing you have to realize is Joe Budden has seen a bit more success than Joell Ortiz, he’s been on the radio, had a couple hit songs, released an album on a major label, an experience that he still seems burned from. That may inform his anti-formula approach to music, whereas Joell it seems is trying to re-establish himself, after being so close to a great situation (shit he was on Aftermath/Interscope, wih Dr. Dre!). He still hasn’t made that breakout, hit radio record yet.
    After listening to the record though, it’s cool they went with the longer verses, Joell’s verse is more focused, while Joe’s is a bit all over the place.
    Overall, the record is cool, not a hit, but a solid album cut.

  12. M.Tyson Says:

    joe buggin if he doesnt think the renegade beat isnt “moving”,i agree with Joell i hate verses that drag on and on i enjoy it on occassion but for the most part 2 16s and a hook with a bridge or okay with me

  13. Sened Says:

    first off renegade instrumental is soooo raww. joe needs to listen to it again. more importantly tho, I really feel joe on not conforming and taking that open canvas approach, BUT IF YOU IMAGINE THE SONG, joe budden is gonna spit something hard everytime and don’t you need that break after 16 bars. can you handle 32 at a time. i feel like lay 16 down, remind niggas what the whole idea is (the chorus) come back and lay some more shit down? definitley doesnt have to stop at 3:20 but you always wanna leave em wanting more.. you want em to hit play AGAIN right after the song is finished.

  14. MalakiDaGod Says:

    joe budden is a trip idk if i could work with dude under so much back & forth and not wanting to agree hes a pain in the ass but i love the way both these dudes spit
    i feel joell on this but than again joey tryna do him but sooner or later he gonna have 2 go with reg form

  15. steven biko Says:

    Great content!

  16. thekid10705 Says:

    Funny shit-is that a Dallas Penn cameo on the left of the screen?

  17. Mixtape Torrents Says:

    I was going to agree with Joell Ortiz until I realized I like to listen to longer interviews. Short interviews usually don’t inform me much about the person being interviewed. The weird thing about this song is that it makes me want to move on to the next track :) it’s trying to kick me out of the listening process.

  18. MATT Says:

    joe didnt mean the renegade beat wasn’t dope..by not “moving” he meant that the shit won’t make u actually MOVE..the beats he named like slaughterhouse give u a certain feel that actually makes u fuckin MOVE.. renegades u just chill wit ur hat low gettin ur jay on..and jay don’t MOVE.. no homo..but yea, this beat is cool..longer verses were needed on this one.. im glad joell CONFORMED ..lol

  19. slight bias Says:

    joell > joey

  20. Dela Says:

    Do people really understand what Joe means by the beat is “moving”? Listen…I highly doubt that people would have the same respect for Renegade if the rappers on it were Silk the Shocker featuring Mystikal. Certain beats “move” you before you even hear the rappers spit on it. The Renegade beat is FIRE and I’m not taking away from it, but SLAUGHTERHOUSE, ONSLAUGHT, & WARFARE “move” you in a different way than RENEGADE did when you hear JUST the instrumentals….

    If only more rappers went into the booth discussing music and new ideas and argue like Joell and Joe are right now.

    These two are great for Hip-Hop and Music in general..

  21. paychexx Says:

    that why i hate goin to the studio, niggas argue all the time.
    im with joell, sometimes buddens flow a lil too long, but that what he do.
    as far as the beat moves, i get it.

    this shit is cool, becuz people can see what goes on behind a song. you know how some rappers and producers be lying, talking bout how they did a song in 15mins, bullshit.


  22. PAIN Says:

    Why the fuck that nigga joey wearing two watches??? Didn’t BG try to make that shit a trend back in 2000. SMFH you want to know what time it is throw a clock round your neck and get ya Flav on Shunnn.

  23. Mic Lowrey Says:

    Listen (like Khaled)

    But this is really a good thing, I like the way they going back and forth but I hate the 16/hook/16/bridge/16/finish

    I really like to just write the rhyme and seat the beat to that

  24. IllMfksz1 Says:

    the guy with the cam should shout the fuck up even…joe

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