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Video: Freeway Talks Islam

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26 Responses to “Video: Freeway Talks Islam”

  1. chea Says:

    the cooooooooooooooooooooool

  2. Beanie B Sigel Says:

    realest post of all time, good looks eskay

  3. chea Says:

    great interview, i co-sig everything down to being a sunni muslim who prays 5 times per day. FREE!

  4. chea Says:

    # Beanie B Sigel Says:
    December 21st, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    realest post of all time, good looks eskay


    i’m saying tho, no dicksuckery but nobody can say esko hasn’t been on his fucking deen recently, that’s just real talk

  5. chea Says:

    oh and nate too

    btw for my chi town cats how ridiculously cold is it right now, cot damn

  6. CiCi The Intern Says:

    *throws a Northface at Chea*

  7. Weezy Hamilton Says:

    Major props to Freeway he explained it well. Glad to see that there’s no religious discrimination in Hip-Hop. Akon, T-Pain, Freeway and others are all respected in the game to a certain extent and I know some of them don’t practice Islam as much as they should but it is what it is.

    Off topic but I thought I’d mention something about the whole Arab Money controversy. Only the remix with T-Pain, Akon, Diddy, Swizz Beats and Lil Wayne is what pissed some muslims off. In that version they edited the hook to change it to stuff from the Quran. This is not allowed in Islam so that’s why people got mad; I don’t think Busta knew this at first but he spoke to some Muslims and now you might have noticed that they have stopped promoting that version with that hook. The video for the remix will have the original chorus which is just some random words which sound like Arabic but it’s just a load of gibberish.

    Peace out to all faiths/religions/colors.


  8. chea Says:

    haha cici what’s good with u mama

  9. nation Says:

    never read the torah or hebraic scriptures, only psalms i read were on the arms of chea

  10. Darth Cipher Says:

    I love the editing VladTV does, so subtle!!!

    we need to have Free say that on CNN and Fox News (provided they let him speak on Fox)

  11. foekist Says:


    (as far as the truth when it comes to the true feelings of inner city black america)

    muzik soulchild gotta song called “as soon as i get my money right” (or somethin like that) that’s about a man willing to hold shit down for his black family once his bread get right.

    If you don’t agree that thats some real shit that niggas from Boston to Bankhead can feel (pause), somethin wrong witchu.

  12. foekist Says:

    *is sad cuz his favorite cuzzin (in law) is in the hole (pawz) and now has no smokin buddy’z in cashville*


    *dials in search for another weed man*

  13. foekist Says:

    oh yeah, and Ruste Juxx need to stop wit that “Get Up” jawn, for he get somebody trampled in a true hip hop spot somewhere in the US, if those type spots still exist. that shit is a burner.

  14. foekist Says:

    *turns up “get up” on momma n lawz fisher surround sound*

    *gets kicked out*

    *is cold*

  15. chea Says:

    it’s -3 but feels like -30 with wind-chill

    crime rate has to be super low right now, how u gon try to commit a rape in an alley without ur balls getting frost-bit. poz. i’m saying tho. it’s too cold to commit a crime right now

  16. chea Says:

    *keeps the wrist frost-bit minus two degrees*

  17. prophecy_projectz Says:

    Freeway hit it right on the nail in the most simplest straightforward way regarding the whole holy war thing.


  18. blaze22 Says:

    Daps chea

    Yeah its cold us fuck man. I’m ordering a pizza and not leaving the house

  19. chea Says:

    *daps bleezy

    btw this common album is growing on me – fuck critics, they could kiss my whole ass-hole! (c) camel clutch


  20. nation Says:

    sup chea-z

  21. sleep Says:

    Brett farve sucks he’s a int waiting to happend.

    »»»Brett farve toni romo

  22. sleep Says:

    »»»titans disrespect the steeler stomping on yellow towel/rag

  23. chea Says:

    nate what’s good with u. did my anniversary last night. ur boy been married half a dozen years. if any of yall need advice on how to keep ur woman happy let ur boy know

    *shaves only top of head*

    *grows mustache*

    *dr. phil*

  24. Mag Says:

    Brett Favre out there Slanging it

  25. foekist Says:

    despite the fact that he got that no talent havin azz “swagga like us” chick on the track, that “brooklyn, we go hard (or whateva it’s called)” ish is hard body. Word.

  26. KilluminattI7 Says:

    Great post nate/ sk subhanallah

    *DEAD* @ vlad’s line of questioning:

    VLAD: “You’ve got a muslim sort of look to you… di dyou feel any heat after 9/11?”

    word to me getting randomly selected for additional security EVERYTIME I go thru airport.. even when I am juss droppin headz off



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