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Wale – Chillin



Prod. by Cool And Dre.

Wale – Chillin

Props to UMB

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9 Responses to “Wale – Chillin”

  1. Digital Scales Says:

    Unfinished lol

  2. Majaleeg Says:

    LOL @ the decals on his jacket

  3. Nanyanen Says:

    digi, that vid u posted b4 was… holy moley.

    those dunces just provided all the evidence needed for police to ID them. Wll, in whatever slavic nation that was…

  4. NMCTakesFoodOutOfMyKidsMouth Says:

    Splash is gone sorry to inform you, buy one thing for sure is that he is paying the price for robbing artists for their hard work. Maybe he’ll be back, but at least he is paying the price. most likely he’ll deny it, but I have proof in form of an email from a certain artists A&R and the RIAA.

    2Douchebags is next then fat ass uncle tom eskay at Nah Right, OnSmash, Mr X, Lowkey. Hope you know the RIAA doesn’t play when they get daily complaints. Give me/us no more then 2 weeks “hopefully” 2 weeks that’s what we are shooting for and every New Music Cartel site will be down and hopefully with heavy fines and legal action taken upon the site owners. It’s great too, because we set Splash up sending him a certain track that we knew that the A&R for a certain artist would be really upset that the music had leaked out.

    You guys are lucky you didn’t post that, but with all of the other copyrighted material your sites post up and like I said the daily complaints to the RIAA you can believe that you will get it too. Maybe not immediately, because the investigations are taking place. Maybe I’ll forward you the email from the RIAA, but most likely not. I like to leave people in suspense.

    To all the readers of these blogs. Why don’t you just pay the 99 cents for the tracks instead of taking money out of the artists pockets. How would you like if you where being robbed every single day like sites like this are doing to the artists. You wouldn’t be to happy if hundreds if not $1000s of dollars a day are being taking from you.

    This site isn’t about artist promo it’s about making money for themselves. If it was just about artist promo they would post strictly streamable music and promo only stuff that was sent directlty by he artists themselves.

    The new way that the RIAA works is great now that they are not going after the individuals that download the music that they are going after the sites that post links to even third party sites for download. Once again I want to stress don’t be cheap you are killing the music industry by downloading; pay the $1 for a single and purchase the artists album if you enjoy their music. And everyone wonders why the big record companies are not giving deals to the tremendously talented artists. This is the reason why and the RIAA, Execs and A&Rs are now finally putting and end to this.

    I want to thank them for that and this is coming from a very talented, but struggling artist myself who has actually been robbed from this site and other NMC sites myself. From these 5 sires alone I have had over 7,000 downloads alone that’s $7000 stolen from me, MY KIDS and my label. Who knows the total becuase I just took figures off of zshare links from NMC sites.

    I/We will work on the other blogs soon as well. Thanks to everyone that will help get the game back where it is supposed to be and please start supporting the artists and stops supposrting theives like these who run these blogs. Hit up Allhiphop or something, youtube even to listen to the music then head to Itunes, etc etc and purchase the music if you enjoyed it.

    Thanks again

    By the way feel free to file you complaints here

  5. nirun Says:

    wale is a hypebeast

  6. eb-onics Says:

    this is terrible.

  7. Elitaste Says:

    pirating music > leaking unfinished tracks of new artists

  8. E-DUBBS Says:

    good sense of fashion.. approved.

  9. biz Says:

    shit cawny.

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