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Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden – Move On

Joey returns the favor for Joell’s The Free Agent Mixtape, or is it Ortiz returning the favor?

Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden – Move On

Ask me bout “Pump It Up”, and I’ma think you sheep/Oh you must not know I’m deep

Propers to Mr. Xclusives.

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27 Responses to “Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden – Move On”

  1. NotU Says:


  2. Legend Says:


  3. nation Says:

    what up my nig?

  4. Legend Says:

    aint shit. i see you going hard late night

    Joell got Budden again imo

  5. digital scales Says:

    budden stay losing

    yo nat when i write on your twitter, you answer asap son, did you see that video?

  6. nation Says:

    ^ i’m not trying to see anyone die on tape

  7. KingPoetic Says:

    Joey >

  8. miltee Says:

    this is the hottest hiphop song of the year.

    god damn. anybody who thinks budden ain’t spittin you shittin yourself.

    if this guy was around in the early 90s he would’ve been amongst the legends

  9. miltee Says:

    god damn and joell’s flow / content … unbelievable.

  10. Sen-Rok Says:

    Im def gonna side wit tha Kid on this track




  12. Vmac Says:

    Damn Buttons needs to stop doin tracks with Joell…. oh and by the way,Joell is 2-0 on Slaughterhouse tracks and 2-0 on Buttons-Ortiz collabos

  13. MalakiDaGod Says:

    I Gotta Go With Joey!!
    But Joell Gave Him A Run For His Money
    This Is Crazy Is This A Coldplay Beat?

  14. legindary Says:

    this track, and if joell got joe its cuz he had an extra verse to convince the crowd. and as far as the slaughterhouse records, joell is not 2-0. DId you even listen to the crooked i verses?

  15. legindary Says:

    this track is fire *

  16. slight bias Says:

    joell & crooked > rest of slaughterhouse


  17. SayWorddd Says:

    Yo forreal yall buggin on that 1st Slaughterhouse joint actin like Royce didn’t rip shit, “I write rhymes like white lines on a nose tray,ice cold ice cube flow like O’shea/ridin shotgun with Chris Martin my DJ not the whiteboy but I’m down for the Coldplay” plus his FLOW, come on yall he at least in the top 3 on that joint

  18. Vox P Says:

    “I’ll be there like a young Mike Jack, Hip Hop prayed, and God gave Pun right back”
    Crazy finish to the song, crazy line, Joell wins.

  19. BANKS Says:

    This is a real ass song. It goes to show how versatile these niggas are. The other tracks they did together were on some punchline braggin shit but this sht is reality rap at it’s best. Both came hard. Pause. But Joey took this one. This nigga has quotables for days.

  20. young hype Says:

    Sorry But Joey > Ortiz This Round

  21. Legend Says:


  22. legindary Says:

    joey got joell, but joell is steppin up

    padded room >>whatever else comes out this year. that is, if detox ever surfaces. and em.

  23. miltee Says:

    yeah I must say.. joell murdered everybody on slaughterhouse. Second I’d say was royce…

    And I think Joell does get the better on this one too..

    But everybody on slaughterhouse + saigon + papoose + termanology + charles hamilton + lupe + wale + skyzoo should really lead the newschool. I’ve had enough of this shit, there’s too many wicked lyricists out there who go unnoticed.

  24. miltee Says:

    I’m glad they’re starting to acknowledge each other, and do collabos, instead of hating on each other… need more of that…

  25. jBBBB Says:

    wow this is what hip hop needs.

    this song is fuckin great, fuck off if you disagree

  26. legindary Says:

    I know the free agent tape is coming but when are we gonna see a Joell LP? and who really thinks a slaughterhouse album will drop? that would be official

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