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Video: Ya Boy ft. Dr. Hollywood – We Run L.A.

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7 Responses to “Video: Ya Boy ft. Dr. Hollywood – We Run L.A.”



  2. yeah me 2 Says:

    Niggas don’t play no games no mo’
    Nigga will bust ya head, if u bang his ho

  3. Just Chill Says:

    ya boy kinda sucks LMAO. maybe its cause I just finished listening to a rustee juxx and this track by Ya Boy not mine lmao was left field

    Sorry not feeling it.

  4. ant Says:

    I haven’t listened (and won’t)
    but I coulda swore this nigga was from my city

  5. yaboy Says:

    shit is hot, needs another verse and hook to push it past 3mins…

  6. Billion O'Really? Says:

    I need an explanation of the purpose of the two off brand beastie boys in the background with mics doing adlibs.

  7. intellectualretroed Says:

    Why post this? This is horrendous feces! Its making my ears bleed! Please stop the madness, no one should ever live through this song, ever. Not Hitler, not Mao, not Saddam, Not even Bush. If anybody out there legitimately thinks this song is dope, you might as well go buy Brittney Spears new album, cuz she has better flows than this guy. Am I trippin? I thought this was the number 1 hip-hop blog, It’s starting to look like a candy store for sweet ass rappers. Where’s the realness?!?

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