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Stat Quo – In California


Off the QuoCity mixtape, coming soon.

Stat Quo – In California

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20 Responses to “Stat Quo – In California”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    DJ Scratch says EPMD means “Eric and Parish Making Diddlysquat”


  2. Digital Scales Says:

    Iv paid 8.80 for boggies in the city…

    In the hood its 8.10

    I be trying to advise nigga not to smoke them 5 dollar packs, them shits dont even be untaxed boggies anymore, them shits be straight bootlegs with fake menthol sprayed on shredded chinese newspapers, they stink too

    Yo this weather is crazy!!

    You better go in with the posts!

  3. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    EPMD’s 7th album “We Mean Business” hit the stores December 9th 2008.
    Their sales in the first week was a tragic (2726) copies according to Soundscan.

    ***ouch (none)

  4. Digital Scales Says:

    A day like this, you should give joe88 a post and then dont even wait 30secs and post somthing else

    Joe will prob live in that post

  5. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    wait, they send you a tax bill for buying smokes online? Jeez…it really isnt’ a game- I guess New York’s law enforcement game is >>>>>>>>

  6. Majaleeg Says:

    >>@ Eskay, resta youse paying crack prices for cigs:

    yeah, but yo they don’t play that outta state shit in NY. you get caught evading them taxes you’re gonna get hit with a nice bill from the state.

    Very true. Illinois is the same way. Round the second week of the new year, cats that thought they was gettin over by buying online always get hit for that young IL state tax money…How the fuck else is our governor gonna pay his legal fees???

  7. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    SMH @ the fact that I just got it, that Majaleeg means “Major League”…I swear, i thought it was some kind of Hindu name or some shit…

  8. eskay Says:

    >>A day like this, you should give joe88 a post and then dont even wait 30secs and post somthing else


    *does it*


    stack that cheese

    stack that cheese

    stack that cheese

  10. Digital Scales Says:

    *on twans side*

  11. Digital Scales Says:

    Damn hes not even here tho you gotta wait till he’s here!!!



    >>A day like this, you should give joe88 a post and then dont even wait 30secs and post somthing else


    *does it*

  13. Majaleeg Says:

    *on twans side*


    *doesn’t comment*

  14. Digital Scales Says:

    everytime i look outside i say no homo

    its mad gay and fluffy outside with all this damn so

  15. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    I’ll bet y’all NY niggas REALLY give m’fukkas the evil eye when they ask to bum a square…ain’t no fuckin’ way….

  16. Digital Scales Says:


  17. mashout36 Says:

    this damn snow gonna fuk up my weekend. these fukin cabs make a brova not wanna drive in manhat.

  18. jrp14 Says:

    Listens to hhsml…calls lupe the greatest of his generation

  19. Digital Scales Says:

    yo icon motherfuckers really still asking

    i was buying a pack in the city couple months ago

    and im talking to the nigga selling me the boggies like damn man ahh ahh ahhh whatever

    so all of a sudden from right outside the story this old head is yelling ” aye young blood you gotta extra cig

    im like listen i just paid 8.60 but i tell you what, the box says 20, if i find 21 ill give it to you

    looked at the box and walked off….you can hear him in the dust talking shit, it was funny

  20. Digital Scales Says:

    lf: i remember this one time im going to the studio and this dude is standing outside of it and hes like yo whats good man im making music ahh ahh ahh

    im like aight cool, he hands me the cd, and goes yo ill sign it for you

    he takes out a marker and hes like yo whats ya name

    i said Fullanito

    he asked me how i spell it and all, so he writes my name

    he goes yo you got like 3 4 dollars nah mean im trying to sell them

    im like nahhh my niggs i aint got it

    he was like yo man can i get my cd back then and took it back i was like damn

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