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Video: Sway ft. Akon – Silver & Gold

A quick trip across the pond.

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10 Responses to “Video: Sway ft. Akon – Silver & Gold”

  1. bigmola88 Says:

    Id rather have Jesus

  2. Nonchalant Misfit Says:

    only Sway that matters is the dude from The Wake Up Show

  3. TheCo!!inB Says:

    sway with the dreds and the mayonaise mouth?
    *blank stare*

  4. Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime... UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme! Says:

    Sway doing it for the UK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. www.urbanfix.net Says:

    Not a bad track Dead@mayonaise mouth LOL. Akon is smart getting on international artists music, he did the same with that island rapper Savage.

  6. Mr.Londoner Says:



  7. gurg Says:

    The hook on this is really cheesy, but this is a good look for Sway. This is really what I wish Jadakiss would do to get that mainstream recognition.

  8. yeah Says:

    english garbage,please keep it off this blog.

  9. AJ Says:


  10. silvy Says:

    ”only Sway that matters is the dude from The Wake Up Show”

    need to do your homework on this guy clearly, listen to ‘up your speed’, ‘this is my demo’, ‘fit for a king’ & ‘hype boys’, then you will forget about other dude holding a microphone on the red carpet…real talk

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