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Busta ft. Ne-Yo & Missy Elliott – Freakin You


Busta Rhymes ft. Ne-Yo & Missy Elliot – Freakin You

Props to Splash

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5 Responses to “Busta ft. Ne-Yo & Missy Elliott – Freakin You”

  1. Scotty D Says:


  2. Iceberg slim Says:

    Jim Jones says “I’m not a Blaw-guh”


    I am

  3. Hmm ? Says:

    this came from http://www.musicistheheartofoursoul.com/

    Thanks ….

  4. elgindotcom Says:

    faship tip 4312.. never wear a yankee fitted in any other color but blue if your from NY.. those non team colors are for out of town bammas.

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