Adele feat. Naledge – First Love (Remot RMX)


Mick Boogie is releasing an Adele remix project that is dropping on Wednesday, featuring his favorites rappers and his favorite producers, named after the born year 1988. More info available here.

Adele feat. Naledge – First Love (Remot RMX)

In related news, both Kidz In The Hall members will be remixing a classic hip-hop song from the ’80s to coincide with Reebok Classic’s release of the “Re-Mix” line in March of next year.

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7 Responses to “Adele feat. Naledge – First Love (Remot RMX)”

  1. A tribe called quest Says:

    Making moves off one hit >

  2. 456 Says:

    oh how future generations will clown this era. look at these niggas

  3. A tribe called quest Says:

    * i was refering to kidz in da hall

  4. A tribe called quest Says:

    “neva cop anything thats affordable”

  5. Mr.Londoner Says:

    blurry pics > noticeable pics..

  6. Digital Scales Says:

    Wait wait i gotta question

    What color is your fucking mother

  7. D. Billz Says:

    S. M. M. F. H.

    2:30 a.m.

    Been in the library since 11 a.m. yesterday (yeah, that’s not a typo, Towson be on that 24-hour shit during the last week).

    Boggled my brain to finish this fuckin’ paper, spent half the time trying to compose this shit (this professor is anal with this Rhetorical shit).

    Slept (aka knocked out, drooled) on the desk I’ve been sittin’ at.

    It’s hot as a fuckin’ sauna in here as mumbled by everyone as they come through this joint.

    With that being said I smell like bologna and full court basketball. A nigga had to take go to the bathroom and relieve myself of those thermals. Socks too. Did most of my paper shoeless on some Eric Benet shit.

    Had a shorty visit me who was of NO HELP to the kid. Heffa you 35. Do you even know what you’re talkin’ about? And you aint bring no food? Sign off of those Strayer online jumpies and kill yourself (no shots to the online college folks, get it how you live, fa’real).

    Survived on 2 bottles of water, animal crackers, Chai tea (they got a Starbucks in here), regular ass Lipton (shoutouts to the security guard for coming through with that), and walked my ass to KFC last night and smashed a $4 box of western fries wedges that them bitch ass niggas aint even fill up to capacity. I should drive my car through the front window. On GP.

    I’ve watched 2 different crowds of people come and go and spent many moments gazing out of windows on some “never again” type shit.

    Speakin’ of never again… grad school? GTFOH. I don’t even wanna go to my unborn seed’s PTA meetin’. That lil’ nigga better get his act together because if I gotta go inside of another school after this shit he going to school in a wheelchair.

    I have listened to madd shit on my laptop trying to stay motivated: Jeezy’s “Go Getta”, Unc Murda’s “Go Hard”, Jay’s “Go Hard”, Joell’s “Go Hard” (pause pause annnnnd… pause), Kanye’s “Heartless”, Bobby Caldwell “My Flame”, Sylvia Striplin “You Can’t Turn Me Away”… mannn listen. I was about to put on Onyx “Last Dayz”. Explanation not needed.

    Yeah, I took a few dumps.

    I just tried to listen to the Jay record again with the headphones not plugged in as a little celebration to myself. Turned down low. She just hit a nigga with the “hey, don’t you have headphones?” line. She was in one of my classes, but she don’t even know she can end up on the bucket list right about now.

    With that being said, that was my cue…


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