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Video: Mack Maine on Streetsweepers Radio

Mack Maine freestyling on DJ Kay Slay’s show. Two other 2 minute videos can be found after the jump.

“Mack, I’m going in”

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30 Responses to “Video: Mack Maine on Streetsweepers Radio”

  1. Latarian Milton Says:



    Sweep Thebarba Shop Floor > StreetSweepers Radio

  3. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    Joe 88 Says:

    December 15th, 2008 at 2:34 pm
    gucci mane and uncle murda types from the Baltimore area?

    ^Exactly, SMH @ me not getting props for the “taurus” line & ninjas didn’t even know what I was talking bout, they thought I was just saying shit just to be saying shit.

    I deserve my credit!!!!!! I’m fucking great

    ***It’s still not a great line, nigga- so, you know two things named Taurus—and? that would be like me saying, “now you got the Smith and Wesson in ya mouth (none), like it was Smith and Wollensky”- if niggas don’t know that Smith and Wollensky is a restaurant chain, the metaphor makes no sense…

    Hate, hate, hate!! (c) Dave Chappelle

  4. D_Block_4_life Says:

    name somebody out of the golden era Too Short, Rakim, Ice Cube, BDK, Slick, EPMD, Kool G Rap, KRS etc etc ……any of these drop a classic album after 1995?
    I misunderstood i thought you meant anything after 95.

  5. Rockabye Says:

    Living in Maine > Mack Maine

  6. rex hussla Says:

    Remember when Tyson fought this bum?!?!?!?! I remember him telling Tyson he was going to put him in his “COCOON of HORROR”



    “I’m Hurricane Peter McNeeley!!!!!” hahahahahahahahaha

  7. D_Block_4_life Says:

    *goes to lunch foreal*

  8. Latarian Milton Says:

    *gets “concept” tattooed on my nutsack*


  9. Joe 88 Says:

    Now that you’re a well known gangster rapper in the comment sections of nahright what is your next move?

    ^Try to be like Digital scales. The real “gangster guy” on nah right

  10. I Fux Says:

    *grasps switches up to grappling a concept*

    *daps Chea*

  11. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    “So, you’re a female reporter? I only talk to females who i fornicate with” (c) Mic Tyson

  12. I Fux Says:


    I found the new premo my daughter found nemoooooooooooooooo

  13. b-ease Says:

    b-ease Says:

    December 15th, 2008 at 2:36 pm
    Joe 88 Says:

    December 15th, 2008 at 2:24 pm
    >>>So, joe, you and your niggas move drugs AND guns in your rhymes??

    ^Sadly in real life. I won’t speak on what I do, but i’m in the game, it’s not that unusual, I don’t see why it would be, just cause I be on this site?

    Just jokes chief.

    Isnt that just a little TOO gully?

    ^No, I don’t see how it would be

    More jokes.

    ^I only expect on getting noticed from being me, if jay can wear flip flops, pac can be as smart as he was, nas also, I don’t see why I can’t be me on a track & in real life, I never hid nothing from ya’ll from my real name to my past relasitionships, so I don’t see how I handle my hygeine make ya’ll see me different

    It didnt make me see you different per se, it was just hilarious to read. And I think itd be a good look to incorporate more of your humor into your rhymes.

    >>>all the thug shit is cool, and it may be 100% true, but the game is completely saturuated with that shit. Especially coming from our area, that content alone is not gonna get you on.

    *Blanks stare*

    My label is “real recognize real” self explanitory

    That’s cool. But it aint gonna make you a superstar. When I say “from our area”, I’m saying that its clear labels arent down here daily trying to sign niggas. If they do, said artist is going to have to go a little left in terms of content to get on, I think. I understand the streets are a part of you and all that jazz, but humor is obviously part of you too, and I think you’d be smart (if you’re really trying to get on) to utilize it more.

  14. I Fux Says:

    *mike tysons it up*

    *whilst tapping it doggy with wifey, says*


  15. rex hussla Says:

    Mackin’ a Maaaayne [ll] [ll] > Mack Maine

  16. Digital Scales Says:

    LMAO fux, nigga was all outta breath

  17. Joe 88 Says:

    That’s cool. But it aint gonna make you a superstar.

    ^You heard my “let’s get it” track, no gun talk, these are group tracks that my mans wanna do. My concept tracks are crack, I got a something for ya’ll real talk

  18. Latarian Milton Says:

    I Fux Says:

    December 15th, 2008 at 2:39 pm
    *grasps switches up to grappling a concept*

    *daps Chea*


    *grasps the context*

    *grasps my glasses to read better (i.e. grasps the convex)*

    *grasps the new magazine that came in (i.e. grasps the Complex)*

    *grasps the monitor then grasps the Windex (to clean that shit)*

    *grasps my Sprite out the cooler i.e. grasps the condens(ation)*

  19. Digital Scales Says:

    im many things, yeah ima convicted rapist, ima hell raiser, ima father, a semi good husban you know what i mean, what

  20. I Fux Says:

    *embrace the martian instrumental, sings*

    Please Grasp the concept is a metaphorrrrrrrrrr

  21. The Watcherz Says:

    if ya actually listen to this you”ll know mack maine aint bad real talk….he had sum dope punchlines on this

  22. rex hussla Says:

    “I wish one of you had children so I could kick them in the head or stomp on their testicles to feel my pain” (c) Tyson

  23. eskay Says:

    >>You heard my “let’s get it” track, no gun talk, these are group tracks that my mans wanna do. My concept tracks are crack, I got a something for ya’ll real talk

    you’re never gonna blow.

  24. Beezy Says:

    *mike tysons it up via Cam’ron*

    *rapes white*

  25. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Big Homie says:
    This joint is nice
    *bobs head*
    ^ ^ ^
    here is the the line Big Homie
    (here is where you are….over the line)
    You are a HABITUAL LINE STEPPER son..

  26. Latarian Milton Says:

    *opens pandoras box and then grasps the contents*

    see i got philosophical on yall ass

    *feels grasps self*

    p.s. don’t think i neglected to peep the gucci mane hate in the prior threads. to be clear: gucci’s bart simpson chain > all of u miserable fucks. GUCCI!

  27. rex hussla Says:

    First 30 seconds dead dead deaaaaaaaaaaaad


  28. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    My concept tracks are crack, I got a something for ya’ll real talk

    ***Yo, I’m western fries/salt pepper ketchup get sprinkled in my eyes/slid through a window by asian kinfolk to some niggas I despise/greasy brown paper bag is my disguise/raise blood pressure in guys (none), give honeys thick thighs/just yesterday a kid got stuck up in my carryout on camera, and I laughed inside/my patnas is chickens, but as a combo, niggas is just right (none)

  29. Peekay Says:

    dope cap

  30. Plus $ Says:

    y is mack maine betta than wayne now?


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