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Video: Easy Mo Bee Interview w/ Forbez DVD (Part 1)

Legendary producer Easy Mo Bee sits down with Doggie Diamonds and talks about some of his production work with Craig Mack,Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z.

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6 Responses to “Video: Easy Mo Bee Interview w/ Forbez DVD (Part 1)”

  1. Shawty S.O. Says:

    Intervention by CH = Turd .. zZzz Z

  2. Shawty S.O. Says:

    That 1 minute intro produced by Easy Mo Bee from Term’s album is woah (c) Rob Marsiano

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Easy Mo Bee’s favourite artist to work with was Biggie for the simple fact that he’s the undisputed GOAT of this shit.

    His second favourite was Jay Hova for the fact that he provided continuous unintentional comedy by way of the fact that he looks like a desert creature, ie a camel.

  4. kedordu@gmail.com Says:

    easy mo bee lmao u were doing g funk dog. dont try to change history over there . g funk crippled the whole music scene not just newyork rap . flava in ya ear changed the game ? thank God i was a teenager and witnessed that era for myself . a late 80s baby would watch this and think this is hiphop history 101 and take his word as fact .

  5. Rob Rush Says:

    kedoru you’re a fool m’man. Easy Mo Bee is a boss, go ahead and check your facts… Not only Tupac, Biggie, Craig Mack etc. Let’s not forget Words From The Genius and Shyheim, dude made some real classics.

  6. MisUnderStood Says:

    kedordu…you don’t know your facts. Easy Mo Bee changed the game! He doesn’t have the body of work to be considered one of the GOAT’s…but his sound definitely defined the start of Bad Boy records and made other producers make records outside of the G-Funk box.

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