Video: Common Messes Up Freestyle

But then makes up for it. That reminds me, he mentioned Concrete Loop when he was going off the dome in Montreal.

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3 Responses to “Video: Common Messes Up Freestyle”

  1. kevfresco Says:

    Com u my dude homie. i ‘memba when u came to worcester w/spitkickers (de la soul was ill too) promoting LWFC and u was gettin into hot spit and u started off so lackluster that my brother and i got upset w/u. we was like “yo do that shit right!” then you was like “yea you right i’ma do this shit over.” we felt that rare connection when obamas be like ‘that was the best dough i ever spent on a concert’. you came a long way man and u still dope. u get a pass on that freestyle flub my obama. i’ma cop UMC tomorrow from the store cuz my hip-hop definitely needs you to continue creating.

    statement to nahrighters: this is stannery at its safest, sincerest form. could give a fuck what yall think.

  2. rap music Says:

    common has been the same rapper from day one…. gotta love that… It bout time he gettin his.

  3. Slayer Says:

    exactly. brothers. he had a couple written bangers, and 95% trash. They laugh, fuck you! I expect cats to be able to OFF the Dome spit raw. At least a NY freestyle (IE, written patched together)

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