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Really Doe – Opera of Love


Here’s Really Doe’s brand new single and it’ll be be featured on his new mixtape.

Really Doe – Opera of Love

Props to FakeShoreDrive.

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15 Responses to “Really Doe – Opera of Love”

  1. Wavy Shprocketts Says:

    the coooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  2. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    good music up in this bitch.

  3. Big Homie Says:


  4. Beezy Says:

    Nigga on the left looking ultra corny. Fuck is up with that smirk?

  5. I Fux Says:

    *whiteboys it up*

    *listens to Really Doe*

  6. Wavy Shprocketts Says:

    really doe is actually quite awful

  7. Big Homie Says:

    *white boys it up*

    *logs onto http://www.pinkyxxx.com* (safe for work)

  8. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    *white boys it up*

    *logs onto http://www.pinkyxxx.com* (safe for work)

    lol, no it ain’t.

  9. Backatit Says:

    *Jamaican’s it up*

    *puts on fishnet tank top*

    *puts on Clarks desert boot*

  10. CiCi The Intern Says:

    # Big Homie Says:
    December 8th, 2008 at 3:06 pm


    and The Brain

  11. I Fux Says:

    The Seattle Times has a disturbing story the describes the scene at the Valley Stream, NY Walmart, where worker Jdimytai Damour died of asphyxiation. Shoppers were apparently cracking jokes and making fun of him as paramedics struggled to save his life

  12. I Fux Says:

    An eyewitness, whose arm was broken by the crowd, said that she tried to get police to do something — but was greeted with sarcasm.
    A woman pushed Jones, who said back to her: “We can’t move!” She felt someone punch her left temple. The force knocked off her glasses.

  13. nation Says:

    sup whites

  14. KingPoetic Says:

    Hovi baby

  15. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    SMH @ bitches that stunt on comin over to the crib one day, then try to come over the very next day. . . .

    fuck all that, when i want some box, i want some box. . . .

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