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Audio: Common Interview w/ Chuy Gomez

Three-parter with a freestyle available for you and yours after the jump.

Common Interview Part 1

Common Interview Part 2

Common Interview Part 3

Common 106 KMEL Freestyle

Common’s Universal Mind Control drops tomorrow, which is also eskay’s birthday. Since he doesn’t have any Inbox space left, instead of leaving a comment you can send him a tweet or better yet, some weed.

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4 Responses to “Audio: Common Interview w/ Chuy Gomez”

  1. big filth Says:

    back in business? thats whats up. Nation, you get my email homie?

  2. foekist Says:

    Happy b-day Eskay

  3. foekist Says:

    *burfday crickets*

  4. L.O.S. Says:

    Yeah, great post. I missed most of the interview cause i had get to the plantation

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