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Video: Royce 5’9″ & Joe Budden get their new Slaughterhouse T-shirt’s.

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10 Responses to “Video: Royce 5’9″ & Joe Budden get their new Slaughterhouse T-shirt’s.”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    # Smitty Says:
    December 6th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    are there any real freeway “fans” out there?

    ^ *raises hand*

  2. jdot Says:

    Aww that’s cute they made t-shirts..

  3. Victory Says:

    Royce is a loser

    who the fuck goes on worldstarhiphop?
    thats like hiphopgame
    and allhiphop
    and… sohh


  4. Barack Oswagga Says:

    hulu.com >>>>>

    In case yall didnt know

  5. always_lurkin' Says:

    *youtubes head ice.

  6. SDP Says:

    we sum fukin goons bruh….

    whose gonna be at sunset blvd. 2nite partyin wit akon n the game???


    …dats rite….

    have a great saturday..cuz mine gonna be poppin…

    *hollywood status*

  7. Barack Oswagga Says:

    These niggas make you excited about hiphop {pause}

  8. no more ty big's just call me Kenard Says:

    ” Like everyone else, I’m still disappointed that a receiver didn’t honor Plaxico Burress last weekend by catching a touchdown, then pretending to shoot himself in the leg with the football and limping around. This never would have not happened if Chad Johnson was still alive. ” (c) Bill Simmons

    Bill Simmons is my hero

    * straight face *

  9. Dee Phunk Says:

    I just looked up this cat Head Ice on YouTube after the co-signs from Joe and Royce @ the end. Cat is nice for real.

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