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Video: GLC & Really Doe Meet Pimp John

“A True Native American Pimp”: GLC & Really Doe were unfamiliar with True Native American Pimpin’ until they were in the presence of Pimp John!

Uhh I don’t know, I’m not looking to meet any pimps at this point in my life.

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4 Responses to “Video: GLC & Really Doe Meet Pimp John”

  1. Wbmb Radio Says:

    Pimpin them hoes with and arrow and a bow

  2. ashbee Says:

    rick james says first!

  3. anons Says:

    this could be the start of a joke..

    so there are a gang a niggas in a van with a indian pimp in the drivers seat and everyone’s high as fuck….

  4. yr momz Says:

    he’s just taking back what was always his!

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