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Video: Big Sean Public Service Announcement

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4 Responses to “Video: Big Sean Public Service Announcement”

  1. Jeff R Says:

    Eskay, I love this site so much…preface….but come on man, are the people at BoBO paying you for these plugs? Its cool to post stuff about relevant artists but in the past year I’m seeing a trend of all these terrible rappers getting mad burn on your site. Maybe “Big Sean” has a few fans, but don’t inundate the site with this poor material. I see a lot less of this on 2dopeboyz dot com and I might have to use them 100% instead of hopping back and forth…

    Did you watch the video too? I could’ve made this in my office, all I need is one stop at Urban Outfitters and the New Era store and I’m Big Sean…minus my white skin…but for real…this dude is a lame.

    I’m a real fan, and I love this site, but please post relevant stuff man.


  2. and the winner is... Says:

    how he said…he been suppose to put the mixtape out…come on now…sean you slackin….i dont know what they see in him…if you gonna video blog…at least watch diddy and take some notes befor hand….


  3. Cliff Skighwalker Says:

    ^some ignorant haters commentin i swear…good look on postin this eskay furreal…

  4. Mad Niggardry Says:

    This negro is slowly taking the route that Ray Ray took…Remember that song, Tell ‘Em What They Wanna Hear. And how he was on Grand Hustle. T.I. was shopping him…

    Yea…well…the two stories are slowly looking exactly the same…

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