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Video: High Society Life Presents DJ Clark Kent Interview Pt. 1

Clark speaks on New York Hip-Hop and the Roc-A-Fella split.

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14 Responses to “Video: High Society Life Presents DJ Clark Kent Interview Pt. 1”

  1. Stratford Lex Says:

    That Demevolist track Yung Nate & Bagdad killed it

  2. RoBaBank Says:

    the beat was serious need that instrumental

  3. eskay Says:


  4. Digital Scales Says:

    So Bloomy took a shit on Plax

  5. sleep Says:

    Listen to the second verse of hov new joint I think he took a couple shots at busta

  6. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    @ eskay

    damn. . . . if that shit’s true, they should just tie him to a tree in chicago and let niggas whoop his ass with whatever they could find.

  7. farsideoff Says:

    # eskay Says:
    December 1st, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    >>Who is going to see this interview that doesn’t already know this shit. Now if he was talking with Sway for some mtv feature he wouldn’t be wasting his words.

    alot of whippersnappers read this site.

    I never thought I’d read that word on this site, said by anyone.

  8. Digital Scales Says:

    Damn he shouted my nigga Fred da God, thats what it is

  9. sleep Says:

    Its funny how it seem like every store in the hood is going out of business except the liquor spot

  10. Stratford Lex Says:

    Charles Hamilton & Sha Leik instrumentals >>>

    Even if dude flops as a rapper i cant see that team not winning. Reminds me of when i first heard Kanye production.

    (No stannery)

  11. spirit equality Says:

    i’m kinda offended that he named his own artist (curtains) both this time and the last video on here where he was asked about who was the next guy in new york. i’ma look up fred da god, but i’m kinda sad that in a city of 8 million people with thousands of rappers, a hip hop vet can only name two that he thinks are noteworthy. come on yo. either he’s not listening or he’s not looking out.

  12. spirit equality Says:

    oh and as for emcees who made a classic impact without really being shaped by a producer, i would say that most of the golden era guys didn’t have their style ‘coached’ to them, a la rakim, krs, g rap, slick rick, etc. among 90s guys, i would say outkast, souls of mischief (all producers themselves i believe, though), pharcyde, etc. i also don’t think dre did much to change eminem’s style before he hit the public eye from when he was underground. i don’t think his theory about producers needing to coach the emcee holds true in light of great emcees past.

  13. kedordu@gmail.com Says:

    organized noise thought outkast how to make music . and dre definately shaped eminems concepts in the first 2 lps . i think he was talking about the producer kinda shaping and arranging the song as opposed to cut and pasting verses on cubase/logic .

  14. Intelligent Hoodlum Says:

    “i’m kinda offended that he named his own artist (curtains) both this time and the last video on here where he was asked about who was the next guy in new york.”

    That sucks you would say that Spirit. You obviously dont do your homework. That Curtains kid been killing shit since 1999. I remember dude on 42nd street rhyming against cats 2ce his age. Dude was the youngest cat on that strip and he ate everything moving. Homeboy definately should be getting his props. He started all that “hipster” “cool kids” rap that is the norm now. On top of that he is really lyrical. I think you should check up on the kid before you throw some hate out there. More people should be bigging that kid up. I agree with Clark as far as the producer thing also. Spirit, if you look at any one of those albums from any of those artists you named, one thing is common, they were all majorily produced by one person and/or had one team in place taking care of the albums direction. Hip Hop needs a major facelift and we should start here instead of downing, by trying to uplift these young cats.

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