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The Source December Cover (Notorious x Obama)


Previously: Notorious Soundtrack Artwork

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10 Responses to “The Source December Cover (Notorious x Obama)”

  1. I Fux Says:

    I was at the Charger game yesterday and I ran into Sen Dog from Cypress Hill gave the dude a pound and his homie asked for some Weed. Actually Sen looked pretty impressed that I recoginized him and also that I said I downloaded an Eric Bobo track from Nahright.com. I asked if he knew about Nah, but he said not really. I told him they post the BReal how to roll a blunt series clips on there and all shit hip hop. Sen Was Like “I will check it out” and then I diddybopped out.

    *daps all*

  2. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    *daps fux*

    LF: but angela yee is a baaaaaaaaaad chick. . . .


  3. Iceberg slim Says:

    I cant believe im actually going to buy a source mag.

  4. I Fux Says:

    *gangsta leans in the cut*

  5. landLORD Says:

    *plays Madlib-Dudley Perkins instrumentals*

    “dollar bill”

  6. Stratford Lex Says:

    That Demevolist track Yung Nate & Bagdad killed it

  7. Yianni Says:

    wait, they still publish the Source????

  8. Mr.Rogers Says:

    why does Source magazine have a 2008 Holiday Buyer’s Guide?? Can’t they be like every other magazine and put em in their subliminally?

  9. ian Says:

    How is Obama’s historic victory the secondary story to the f-cking ‘Notorious’ movie – WTF?? So much for being “The Bible of hip-hop music, culture & POLITICS”! :/

  10. dockevoc Says:

    The source is a fucking rag

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