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Cassidy – Where Is Cass At

Cassidy – Where Is Cass At

Props to OS

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21 Responses to “Cassidy – Where Is Cass At”

  1. SpotOn Says:

    Prince Says:

    December 1st, 2008 at 3:34 pm
    SpotOn Says:

    December 1st, 2008 at 3:33 pm
    Kanye MURKED that Brooklyn goes hard intru. I might have to spit over that.

    ^^ is there a link to this song

    ^^^Not yet as far as I know.

  2. Beezy Says:

    Get a roach clip Cass…

  3. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    put a beat on . . . . (c) freeway

    speaking of self ether. . . .

  4. Digital Scales Says:

    Wow this where cas at hook is fucking annoying

    ol squeeky voice nigga

  5. SDP Says:

    i have a 1 year old brother…..when hes unhappy crying about something theres only one thing that makes him happy..and dats if i blast a milli thru the speakers..

    he gets all excited n jumps n starts boppin his 1 year old head…

    should i youtube this shit? its funny as hell

  6. G7 Says:

    >>Where Is Cass At

    ^i don’t think too many care.


    Cassidy – Where Is Cass At

    Gillie sent the Goons to that nigga crib… Hes Gone. (c: Cam & Ye)

  8. SDP Says:

    i POSTED video on youtube that has half a million views…

    its basically a dmx song…but therers one thing different….

    it has lil wayne captions all over it…..

    the comments i got from die hard dmx fans is hilarious….

    ppl from antartica cussin me out…. its fuckin classic

  9. PW Says:

    smh @ rappers who can shine on a feature but can’t keep ppls attention for a whole song.

    That Colin Munroe tape is pretty dope btw.

  10. Digital Scales Says:

    yo sdp would you get a lip ring?

  11. SDP Says:

    yo sdp would you get a lip ring?


    ………..???? wtf is dat….fuck no …wut a dumb question

  12. Beezy Says:

    yo sdp would you get a lip ring?

    ^He got one when he went to one of Weezy’s concerts.

  13. pLUG Says:

    My baby moms gets on my nerves. she says she was gonna leave work and pick up my son this morning.since my ole earth was sic and earlin. I call to check up on her and Jr is still in the background. why would she lie? why? why wouldnt she just say she couldnt get him? moms is ill tryin to chase around a 1 year old wit the flu.

    *puts eminem first cd in player*

    *plays “just the 2 of us”*

    *presses the repeat feature*

    *nods head accordingly*

  14. b-ease Says:

    LMAO i never heard that 1 b4

    i never heard that before either.

    Ethan’s Brown’s book “Queens Reigns Supreme” goes into the situation in detail. I’m a firm beliver in “belive half what you see…”, but Pac’s story and the number of bullets never added up, and Brown’s research is thorough. The basic gist is that Tupac reached while being forced to the ground at gunpoint and his burner went off while still technically in his pants.

    If you havent read the book, cop it asap. Even past the Tupac stuff, its has excellent insights into JMJ’s killing and the Murder Inc/50/Preme connections. Damn good book.

  15. Digital Scales Says:

    just like weezy f baby?

    i was just asking

  16. Beezy Says:

    just like weezy f baby?

    i was just asking

    >>Man he was on here last week talking about getting that shit done! He frontin…

  17. SDP Says:

    just like weezy f baby?

    i was just asking


    well i was considering getting one for a weezy concert…

    then one day i puffed an L and my niggas told me they would jump me if i ever did some borderline shit like dat…

    and they are right….

    and my main chick with the great ass said she thinks its hot….

    but shes a white girl….white girls think everything is hot

  18. Big_Seth Says:

    although i am fighting a personal civil war against all light skinned niggas


    Damn… Kinda Harsh. Might I ask why, Mr. Pap?

    I never done nothin’ to you. HAHA>

  19. MalakiDaGod Says:


  20. Rugger REL Says:

    yo who beat is that cuz i heard ransom rape dis beat a month or 2 ago

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