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Audio: La The Darkman on Dirty Awards Brawl

More fallout from the fuckery that was the 2008 Dirty Awards. La The Darkman of the Aphilliates talks to Maya The B about what happened between him and Young Jeezy’s team. He also explains how he felt when he heard Jeezy say “fuck DJ Drama” at his album release part back in September.

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14 Responses to “Audio: La The Darkman on Dirty Awards Brawl”

  1. nation Says:


  2. cOLD Says:

    narcs in parked van > …

  3. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Most of it. Dope like Made, but a little underwhelming for something they’re billing his “final” album.
    Word? I’m going to hear the whole thing later….MADE was dope

  4. cOLD Says:

    wifey fucked up and put ketchup on my chicken sandwich …. smh.

  5. yaboy Says:

    this dude is saying a whole lotta nothing in this interview…

  6. YBE Says:

    fucking JETS… how they losing to the broncos… SMH

  7. YBE Says:

    chicken sandwiches with ketchup and mayonnaise>>>>>>>>>

  8. YBE Says:

    ^^^ Fried that is..

  9. buddyholly Says:

    TMZ is ethering Plaxico Burress something awful

    TMZ ain’t healthy for black celebrities SMH

  10. eskay Says:

    >>wifey fucked up and put ketchup on my chicken sandwich …. smh.

    throw that shit at her. that’s what I’d do.

  11. Jaydon the Don Says:

    that was the most boring interview ive heard in some time.

  12. wavery johnson Says:

    another reason to hate this nigga and his little brother

  13. MTB Says:

    Love ya for the love….I thought that interview was pretty interesting. lol just cuz I dont follow these crews like that so all the info he was giving was new. And hes got a sexy voice. lol But, I did find out that LA has been around since the 90s so it’s about damn time he gets to play boss!!!

  14. GrahamCEO Says:

    who is this Maya broad? Sounds like she’s been weeded for 30 hours straight.

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