Video: Jay Rock Gives Back

This is a good look. I give out a few bogeys and feel like a saint.

Previously: Jay Rock ft. Lil Wayne – All My Life (Video)

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11 Responses to “Video: Jay Rock Gives Back”

  1. k Says:

    i feel you on the bogie statement..

  2. A tribe called quest Says:

    Man shout out to you Jay rock, you dont see jay or diddy donating money to the needy

  3. ace Says:

    damn….jay rock is very fuckin real

    when it comes to being “hood” i think this beats killin people.. ur really giving back to where u live

  4. ABM New York City Says:

    Respect to that dude Jay Rock.

  5. spirit equality Says:

    big respect to jay rock. i hope he continues to give back, particularly to the schools in his hood (a new computer lab and a new library is an investment that can literally change lives).

    one quick point about watts and to correct a mistake made in this news story: to set the record straight, O.F.T.B. (Operation From The Bottom) were the first rappers from Nickerson Gardens to get a record deal, with Death Row Records (unfortunately, Tupac was killed and Death Row Records essentially fell apart before they could drop a debut…OFTB had one song on Death Row released soundtrack to ‘Above the Rim’, a song called ‘Crack Em’ (had to google for the song title).

    more on OFTB and LA rap history at:

  6. yaboy Says:

    Jay Rock’s single w wayne is hot…

  7. Word Says:

    Respect to Jay Rock.

  8. HomieBtotheJ Says:

    Jay Rock is a real down to earth dude, i love it, much respect to him.

  9. k1ng Says:

    gave a boogie out last nite still.

  10. matt milky Says:

    don’t see any1 on the forbes list outside of luda doin shit like this…its a good look. especially for a relatively new cat who hasn’t made it big yet. big ups to jay rock

  11. Mr. First Says:

    Much respects to Jay Rock, of course. I heard this dude used to/ still does ghost for Wayne. Could explain where the money from all them turkeys came from, unless it’s just advance money. Shouts to him either way, and I bet him album shits on Carter III…

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