T.I. feat. Akon – The Champ Is Here (DJ)

Clifford brought out the big guns dogs. The X-Man‘s hunch is that this is T.I.’s verse and Akon’s hook to Busta’s “Don’t Believe Them”, off the upcoming B.O.M.B. album.

T.I. feat. Akon – The Champ Is Here (DJ)

Bonus: T.I. feat. Snoop Dogg – Act Like It (DJ)

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8 Responses to “T.I. feat. Akon – The Champ Is Here (DJ)”

  1. swiftdesi17 Says:

    Eskay working overtime as always. Propz bro

  2. A tribe called quest Says:

    Iceberg Slimm Says:
    November 29th, 2008 at 12:25 am
    you sound like the white man…

    any woman that has the features of our native ancestors has to be compared to a monkey, gorilla or ape…

    and what does her face have to do with her massive ass anyway?

    i guess that would make her a rhino or elephant huh?
    And you sound like a Black supremacist. I don’t go around calling every black woman a gorilla but if you look like a gorilla, then you look like a gorilla. And I wasn’t talking bout her ass (which is nice btw) but she got a body like a lineman and ain’t that pretty in the face.

    Lauren london aka new age black women > ape face

  3. nation Says:

    don’t tase me bro

  4. and the winner is... Says:

    no sleep required…

  5. A tribe called quest Says:

    “… nas is like sex to a nympho but nothing sweet, im like beef busting heat thru your window…”

  6. Legend Says:

    i cant lie. last time x predicted something. dude was (semi) right lol

  7. nation Says:

    ^ lol

  8. Legend Says:

    …….wait, the fact X even said anything is baffling to the mind right now

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