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Kanye West feat. Rick Ross – Heartless (RMX)


Nothing official, but Kanye will accept the free promo from the chief of security of the “Go Hard” video shoot. The mixing on this leaves much to be desired, but it’s dedicated to the late Shakir Stewart.

Rick Ross – Heartless (RMX)

Previously: Rick Ross – Pop Champagne (They played this one at the birthday festivities tonight, lol.)

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6 Responses to “Kanye West feat. Rick Ross – Heartless (RMX)”

  1. Legend Says:


    happy brithday my dude. nation going hard. pause

  2. Legend Says:

    >> At about 00:27 you can see Officer Ross and two other cops running to catch the gunmen. I’m amazed at how quick he changed into his uniform.



  3. nation Says:

    was dreamin when i wrote this, box me if i go too wild


  4. Legend Says:

    ^^ you starting to sound like me last week trying to box that dude at the bar

  5. illrated Says:

    …. this is the instrumental that’s posted on youtube.

  6. lil-vezmo Says:


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