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Video: Getting Back To Work, Pt. 1

Jay Smooth on the election of Barack Obama.

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7 Responses to “Video: Getting Back To Work, Pt. 1”

  1. D. Billz Says:


    That’s what’s up. I showed up late last night to my aunt’s house too. My uncle, and my cousin who had I hadn’t seen since I was about 12, almost got into it because my cousin kept clowning that ninja. Talkin’ about how he used to show up at my other uncle house with the stolen VCR’s in the shoppin’ bag. I aint even eat over there, was full already. And since everybody was taking up bathroom time, I bounced and take a massive dookie at the Intercontinental Hotel downtown. The worst part? The toilet was broke and somebody already unleashed the demon in there. But I couldn’t chance it by leaving and risk having a mud slide in my jeans so I just bit the bullet and did the damn thang. Fuck it.

  2. DUYUkid Says:

    enough philosophy for today.

    time to make beats while the rest of the world is boostin the economy.

  3. nation Says:

    it’s too early

  4. blahk duppy Says:

    *sips coffee*

    they off’d the hostages. How does someone prepare for a task like that.

    Religion is a helluva drug.

    it’s too early

    ^yes it is.

  5. NakedWithSocksOn aka NWSO Says:

    This dude be talking that real talk..

    “Too early..?”

    Sleep if you want, “But when you awaken, your so-called spot will be taken..”

    Just my two cents

  6. IllMfksz1 Says:

    OMG this guy is crazy …Obama cant do nothing about the New World Order

    President not CEO

  7. prophecy_projectz Says:

    Copping the Dark Knight early on blu ray= Helluva a Black Friday

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