Video: Brother Ali & Freeway – The Truth (Live)

Brother Ali and Free perform “The Truth” off Jake One’s White Van Music, live in Minneapolis.

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159 Responses to “Video: Brother Ali & Freeway – The Truth (Live)”

  1. PW Says:

    I was just reading that. smh @ ppl who act like they done have no sense.

  2. Via_Pluto Says:

    ^what part of the game…

    Crazy! Nothings safe nowdays. You can lose your life over the most simplest shit.

  3. pockets Says:


    ^i dont know if dilla and madlib are in the top 3, but premo certainly is probably number 1.

  4. Smear Says:

    Im out. xanaxandliqoursandserepaxcaughtme
    *Daps all Nahgerians*

  5. jon jon Says:

    minneapolis aint just bout bob dylan & prince

    big up ‘bro ali & rse

  6. seandaley Says:

    minneapolis/st paul. the land of brown babies with white moms.
    the police are notorious for racism.
    cost of living = cheap.
    winter = physically and mentally expensive.
    but this city probably ranks high on the progressive scale.
    gentrification is here as it is everywhere.
    probably nowhere near as bad as baltimore though.

  7. TD Says:

    You make a trip to MinneSnowta you can experience some quality underground hiphop. Minneapolis has multiple locations where shows go down, uptown minne is swanky types of clubs and downtown is more of a warehouse district. Minnesota has been cultivating HipHop and R&B since the mid to late 80’s. I suggest anything by Rhymesayers Entertainment but also some other groups like Guardians of Balance or Just.Live or Meta or Tek.

  8. truman aka hecktic aka project boy Says:

    …yall leavin out a whole other city

    st.paul has a lot to offer…
    ill take yall to all the top chicken joints in the twin cities
    art songs
    shorty n wags
    big daddys bbq

    and we got one popeyes hahah

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