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Video: Trick Trick On Eminem’s New Album

Trick speaks on the illusive Relapse album.

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7 Responses to “Video: Trick Trick On Eminem’s New Album”

  1. Latarian Milton Says:


  2. rex hussla Says:

    illusive > elusive

  3. Charles Oakley Says:


  4. nation Says:

    Adj. 1. illusive – based on or having the nature of an illusion; “illusive hopes of finding an Aftermath release”

    ^ for you smart dumb cats

  5. i hate blogs Says:

    I beat he wont mention Pacewon.

  6. Jersey Spic Says:

    Its simple. Em is gonna diss damn near everyone you love game, weezy, kanye, soulja boy, etc. Why? Because they can’t spit. And back when Hip Hop was real, it was the job of a great emcee to destroy sucker emcees. Unfortunately 95% of fans will be offended, why? Because they either really don’t give a fuck about the quality of rap/just like catchy shit, and/or didn’t grow up with hip hop in the streets and didn’t frequent the underground shows and battles. Therefore, they don’t know shit about lyrics and are devout fans of the people Em will clown/rip. This album is gonna be insane.

    Oh yeah to the dude above me. Wasn’t Pace in the Outsidaz group with Em, Rah Digga, and Young Zee? If not, Rah and Zee are Pace’s peoples. Plus nobody really knows Pace.

  7. spirit equality Says:


    pace came at em, probably because the outsidaz accepted em with open arms when he was a nobody and they had a buzz, then when he blew up, he left them stranded. he wound up signing young zee and letting him get a song on the 8 Mile soundtrack (which I never even heard, btw), but not much else. In fact, nothing else at all, if memory serves.

    As many people know Pace as knew Cage back when Em went at him or Dilated Peoples when Em sent shots their way….fame has never been a determining factor of who Em disses…look at how much time he wasted dissing Benzino who has probably never sold more than 50,000 records total in his whole life. Except for Canibus, though, Em almost NEVER disses lyricists in his weight class.

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