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Video: Large Professor on Freestyle 101

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10 Responses to “Video: Large Professor on Freestyle 101”

  1. digital scales Says:

    Flushing Queens!!!!!!

    Large Pro

    Wastelands gets the money

  2. Ghost writer Says:


  3. Ghost writer Says:


  4. hip hop cops Says:


  5. Mic Lowrey Says:

    John Forte got pardoned by Bush, Barack should Pardon Shine

  6. eskay Says:

    well seeing as presidential pardons come at the end of a term, Shyne might have to wait another 8 years. I think he’d rather take his chances with the parole board.

  7. Darius Says:

    Yo what’s really poofin off in the hood yall

    this ya boy Young Darius representin 4 all my Large Pro fanz and fannies
    what’s really good wyoming represent

    I jus wanna say I appreciate all yalls downlodin my smash banger 809 and Heartbrekz, da mix-tape where I cry thru autotune about my varuius relationship problemz in da style of Kanyeezey Westeezey. What you know about me releasing my pain on the mic. Ha ha.

    I just wanna put y’all on 2 my latest project, da free mixtape Wyoming Stand Up featuring my, ya boy, big Darius and all the hottest MCs reppin da Wy-Yo right now. Because it’s time 4 us 2 step up to da plate and show n prove u feel me?? People done been straight sleepin on da Wy-Yo. Now it’s time for us to blow y’all away. Witness da strength.

    Hurr’s da tracklizzt:

    WYOMING STAND UP (hosted by DJ Giggles)

    1. Wyoming Anthem ft. Rolex Shine
    2. What U Know About This, What You Know About That (U Don’t Know Jack) ft. Young Gutta Da Kid
    3. Wyoming Stay Gully
    4. We Pop Dem Tools ft. Jerry Mac-Wire, Do Rag Denny, Ms. Uzi and Fantabulous
    5. We Ress In Da Northwess ft. Scooby Mo Williams and Gravy C
    6. DJ Giggles innalewd
    7. Fuck Jadakiss
    8. Wyoming Got Dimes ft. Saucy Monjay
    9. Why Ask Wy
    10. Darius’s Thug Tearz
    11. Wy-Yo Til I Die ft. Lil’ Darius (my son Kevin! Ha ha)
    12. Ax Questionz Later, Hater ft. Do Rag Denny, Shecky Glocks, 88 Bass of da Sound Squad Militia and Twin Dynasty

  8. eskay Says:

    >>7. Fuck Jadakiss


  9. Optimus Prhyme Says:

    One of the most underrated producer/artist of all time and if yall ain’t got that “Main Source” Album you should just off ya self, that sh*t is crazy….and why are there only 8 comments under this posting…..that’s crazy…didn’t this dude help cultivate that NY golden era sound….hmm…I don’t know about this blogworld sometimes!

  10. dont give a damn Says:

    what up Extra P!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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