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Charles Hamilton – Verbal Vicodin


Here’s a new one off of Chuck’s latest tape, pictured above. I need one of those Intervention banners they used in How I Met Your Mother in my life.

Charles Hamilton – Verbal Vicodin

Hit the jump to see him showcased as Hip Hop Official’s “Artist of the Week”.

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7 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – Verbal Vicodin”

  1. moresickaMC Says:


    y every comment gotta hav an intro?

  2. nation Says:

    >> y every comment gotta hav an intro?

    good one

  3. moresickaMC Says:

    i hope dudes debut album lives up to his potential

  4. nation Says:

    it probably won’t but i’ve enjoyed some of the beats and flows this guy has come up with since he signed with Interscope and had that first freestyle on Skee’s show

  5. Heinsain CuzISayzIWuz Says:

    isn’t that the shirt Amanda Diva was wearing?

  6. silas Says:

    most of it is freestyle the wordplay is cool but on an album where its concepts and hooks i dunno

  7. TC Says:


    Who’s dropping the tape nation?

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