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Common feat. Kanye West – Punch Drunk Love

Produced by The Neptunes, not Kanye. No disrespect.

Common feat. Kanye West – Punch Drunk Love

Props to 2DB.

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14 Responses to “Common feat. Kanye West – Punch Drunk Love”

  1. nation Says:


  2. chea Says:

    still dying at the buddens in saskatoon video

    btw i truly fucks with canada

    vancouver is still one of the prettiest fucking cities i have ever been to. i could give a fuck about a nice car but there is no doubt that when the cake is right i will need to cop a 1 bedroom in van city and a 1 bedroom in montreal. that’s die happy status right there

  3. nation Says:

    >> and a 1 bedroom in montreal.

    you got your head on your fucking shoulders

  4. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    Budden no (s).. never was 1.. where the fuck y’all get a (s) from? Mad niggas say they fans & can’t pronounce the name right 4 shit. 50 cents, Jewels Santana, Naz, Whale, Kay on West.. this shit REALLY urks my fuckin nerves 4 some reason.

  5. CiCi The Intern Says:

    …maybe this will grow on me…

  6. david blackham Says:

    invincible winter

  7. DUKES Says:

    The Neptunes so far are coming pretty goddamn weak on this album.

  8. jrp14 Says:

    This song is fuckin ill…you guys are trippin, been waitin on this since I saw Comm perform it a little over a month ago…good look

  9. jdot Says:

    i saw common perform half his album. yo gladiator is a problem!!!!!

  10. AntSoReady Says:

    cosign wit jrp
    shits fire..
    if u think wrong then yous a lame.

  11. jdot Says:

    and like i said heres gladiator http://rs257.rapidshare.com/files/167139999/06-common-gladiator.mp3


  12. jrp14 Says:

    Ya that gladiator joint is rough and rugged, rugged and raw also…Neptunes are always fresh when they work with artist like Comm. UMC is gonna be tough for sure…

  13. yr momz Says:

    produced by adam sandler

  14. Sir charles Starkley Says:

    link not working


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