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Video: Max B Interview w/ The Come Up

The full 20 minute interview with the Wave.

Previously: Max B & Dame Grease in The Quarentine Wave (Video)

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4 Responses to “Video: Max B Interview w/ The Come Up”

  1. D. Billz Says:


    This is old though.

  2. J. Caesar Says:

    g’d up remix is the shit with that dude henny

  3. Wealson Says:

    This is old but none the less intriguing

  4. Maxb is TRIPPIN Says:

    Maxb was wrong when he said only Jim looked good. They both looked good. They made good music together. Hes trying to take all the credit and I give him credit where its due, but he need to give Jim Jones some too. He gave him an opportunity. Jim Jones was lame for what he did, but Maxb is just a lil bit arrogant. You didnt do it all and make it all yourself. Jim Jones was a big part of his success just like he was a big part of Jim Jones success.

    I think hes being a lil too arrogant and hes confused about what there image and look was just like Jim was confussed. They looked good cause they were a good team. Juelz and Camron were a good team. They made good music. Jim and Juelz? Not so good… Maxb, HUMBLE yourself! Thats the biggest mistake Jim Jones made and that was his downfall and it will be yours if you dont HUMBLE YOURSELF…

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