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Video: KanYe West – Street Lights (Unofficial)

If you’re up now, you probably need this. The homie Dallas Penn took it upon himself to put moving images to the unofficial 5 am anthem.

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18 Responses to “Video: KanYe West – Street Lights (Unofficial)”

  1. nation Says:

    i’m amazing

  2. CMDeep Says:

    The internets need to stop hatin- 808’s is good album. Street Lights and Welcome to Heartbreak just good songs regardless of genre.

    *Sits and waits for Fisty Scent to bring out album of sung songs…. Oh, wait- too late*

  3. CMDeep Says:

    ^^^ *Cringes at bad grammer- whatever- it’s bed time*

  4. JrRoc23 Says:


  5. KNOWxONE Says:

    I was born to get it in, no spoon.

  6. Billy X. Sunday Says:

    Sleep is the cousin of death. Their incestuous bastard child is Dallas Penn. Wake up bitches.

  7. Greg Says:

    This melody sounds hijacked, but I can’t place it – especially on the inflection of ‘street lights’. Looks like lots of mothers are going to be getting 808 & Heartbreaks for Christmas though.

  8. bornagain Says:

    Dallas was really filming in hopes of catching an all night Dunkin Donuts….Sorry Dude you should of been a little further uptown.

  9. GUMBO JOE Says:

    Really amazing song

  10. realmouf Says:

    good shit

  11. zamora Says:

    the whole album plays out pretty dope… alot of people were hating before .. this album is really great… Kanye is really ahead of the curve when it come to creativity in hip hop.. Its too bad that other people cant see the brilliance of this album.

  12. Keener Says:

    god i love this song so much…

  13. brkninglsh Says:

    THIS IS NOT HIP HOP. This dude should join Oasis. This is as far from Hip Hop as Pop Champagne is from coutry music. THIS IS NOT HIP HOP.

  14. kyo Says:

    pop champagne from country music lol. thats so true tho. hip hop as a whole hasn’t realized we lifted an artist so high that he’s cross over to pop. 50 had the chance to first but keep talking fake thuggery that scares whities. time to look for the next best thing in hip hop cause we gonna happily lose wayne too. already have tho. i say we need to grasp on lupe before he retires or the game but w/e hip hop fans like to see the genre in a low point so they have a lot to bitch about

  15. ClickClack Says:

    yo kanye need to come out the closet real soon cuz this shit is giving it away pretty obviously.

  16. jrp14 Says:

    KNOWxONE Says:

    November 22nd, 2008 at 5:39 am
    I was born to get it in, no spoon.

    Dope Line. And the homophobia in here is crazy….just cuz your creative and on some other shit does not make you a homo, you dont have to bark and wear a white tee to be a man little guys

  17. brkninglsh Says:

    i dont think Kanye is anyway shape or form gay for this album. but this is not a hip hop album. not one bit. just cause dude is black and was once a rapper does not make this hip hop. dont get me wrong though, the music so far has been alright. but its not like kanye is a pioneer. people have been making music just like this for a while. the hip hop community just wasnt aware of it. this shit is like Dido or something. it sounds strange saying it about Kanye but its the truth.

  18. Youngskyywalker Says:

    This is almost like this….although i think this is better


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