Video: Guy Disrespects Redman, Gets Duffed Out

Some asshat gets in Redman’s face and catches a bad one from Termanology’s peoples ST Da Squad.

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211 Responses to “Video: Guy Disrespects Redman, Gets Duffed Out”

  1. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    damn they deaded that nas post. . . .

  2. iKumar Says:


  3. landlORD Says:

    nas & obama got assassinated …

  4. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    quote from this online stream of the pistons game:

    Lebron 0 rings……….Barkley 0 rings…….thereofre lebron is the new barkley….hahahahahahah

  5. iKumar Says:

    land, how you gon’ say shit like that lol

  6. JayRighteous Says:

    That Common Pimpin track is crazy.

  7. EnglandRepresent Says:

    “Super Sharp shooter” came on…good times…

    ^^lmao.!! Brilliant! Bringin it all the way back blud!! Super Sharp Shooter was my tune way back when. When all the breddahs was rockin WD ‘World of Dance’ bomber jackets and ‘avin it in Milton Keynes.

  8. realmouf Says:

    i really like 5 songs of ye’s new shit, i might have to hear the others a few more times, but this is no college drop/late reg/grad…. not at all

  9. 123 Says:

    What a pussy move, he wasn’t even looking.

  10. Gnut Says:

    My friend wasn’t even close to disrespecting Redman at all. He was trying to flow for him, and he wanted to say wutsup- but some people were instigating… obviously…. It is messed up that this video is even on the web like this.

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