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Uncle Murda – Back On My Bullshit (Mixtape)

You and me both Murda.

01. Powerful Music
02. Shoot The Gun
03. Don’t Be Actin Like
04. New York Is Mine
05. New Jack City Bitch (feat. Lil Kim)
06. Come Here Baby
07. I’m So High (feat. Tony Yayo)
08. Brooklyn Tale
09. He Asked For It (feat. Jay-Z)
10. On The Real
11. A Good Man Is Gone
12. War
13. Gucci Sneakers
14. My Way
15. Too Much Pussy
16. Sex, Money And Murda (feat. Knick Guns)
17. Grand Finale

Uncle Murda – Back On My Bullshit

Link courtesy of OS

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25 Responses to “Uncle Murda – Back On My Bullshit (Mixtape)”

  1. Tyr3ll Says:

    fuck this wack nigga…mmmmm 1st

  2. nation Says:

    why’d kanye change Robocop. that shit was dope as it was, he brought the end strings towards the beginning and shit

  3. nation Says:

    02. Shoot The Gun

    ^ wise fucking words

  4. farsideoff Says:

    Since I came to college, all I do is argue about where the best bud is. I mean obviously its somewhere on the west coast, but I used to live 30 miles south of BC and man, the shit there was so good.


    I fucks with Uncle Murda

    Uncle murda > Tupac


    Eskay you ever get Hate-emails??

  7. donkey punch Says:

    this is some ignorant shit


    I can respect that

  8. State of Grace Says:

    This past weekend I smoked up a friend of mine from Houston. He took one toke of my finest stuff and was blitzed for hours. What are NYC prices like? A friend of mine just moved there to go to CUNY and I want to go visit.

  9. eskay Says:

    >>Eskay you ever get Hate-emails??

    once in a while. one guy hits me on gtalk every week or so and tells me I’m a bitch ass nigga.

  10. pockets Says:

    uncle murda makes it a point to wear klan-lookin hoodies

    u know wat 808s is dope for what it is, i can appreciate this. streetlights is fantastic.

    both versions of robocop sound dope

  11. pockets Says:

    lol @ esko


    uncle murda makes it a point to wear klan-lookin hoodies
    I never noticed that


    I got some funny ass email from this dude telling me to stay off nahright callin me an fucking asshole, mad funny

  14. EnglandRepresent Says:

    once in a while. one guy hits me on gtalk every week or so and tells me I’m a bitch ass nigga.

    ^^LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! You probably deserve it Esko. *daps Esko*

    For what it’s worth, without your blog I’d actually get some work done at my J.O. and be productive and that shit just doesn’t and shouldn’t fly.

    All I know is if you wanted to move that product in Australia you could make mad loot word to a G costin $300. Money to be made out here.

    Not that I know or condone anything about that or remotely near it.

    I’m out to go watch Bond and smoke a zoot.

    Peace to Woody, Esko, Nate, Pock, Grace, farside

  15. State of Grace Says:

    uncle murda makes it a point to wear klan-lookin hoodies

    ^^he’s taking it back


    Champion hoodies have the pointed hoods

    That would explain it

    Champion hoodies = new york city hood wear


    Daps Eng I’m out too people

    Peace out

  18. State of Grace Says:

    peace Eng, thanks for the blog comments. I’ll try and keep the posts more regular

  19. POSSIBLYdeySPOTTEDme Says:

    yo someone pleaseee email me that 808 if u can….


    I would much appreciate this.


  20. JALbert Says:

    I can’t see this cover without some deja vu from this pic…


  21. State of Grace Says:


    ^^Snoop and Martha Stewart. And with that, I’m out. Time to smoke one and catch the Daily Show.

  22. pockets Says:

    yo eng u r also an air max 90 fanatic rite


  23. A tribe called quest Says:

    *predicts uncle murda will get 400k downloads*

    Lol@ the eskay hater

  24. iKeepsIt100.com Says:

    mixtape is dope….nahright,you got the wrong album cover…that was a ruff,the new one is available

  25. D to the 1 Says:

    Uncle Murda is annoying…I will not be downloading

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