Jim Jones ft. Lil Wayne, Twista & Noe – Jackin’ Swagga From Us

Here’s Jimmy and Co.’s “SLU” remake.

Jim Jones ft. Lil Wayne, Twista & Noe – Jackin’ Swagga From Us

Previously: Jim Jones Talks “Swagger Like Us” Remake, Says T.I.’s Swag is Fabricated

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189 Responses to “Jim Jones ft. Lil Wayne, Twista & Noe – Jackin’ Swagga From Us”

  1. Iceberg slim Says:

    U people are silly, all these mc’s you are naming are still playground legends, whether u like it or not, untill they gain commerical success they are just dudes who play ball in ur hood, but was never elgible to play at school

  2. MalakiDaGod Says:


  3. Charles Oakley Says:

    Fuck twista. He’s a good rapper, but fuck twista

  4. b-ease Says:

    U people are silly, all these mc’s you are naming are still playground legends,

    *blank stare* with exception of budden, who on that goat list are you referring to?

  5. M-Lito aka Ghost Says:

    sleep Says:

    November 20th, 2008 at 2:24 pm
    I remember after twista album went platnium he was on BET coppin a bently ever since he’s been dropping bricks. That why 90% of rappers are broke

    They never made anything to fall back on….like a small business or some shit….I wonder why….that would be my first move….

  6. Charles Oakley Says:

    I’m just glad no one has brought up mf doom

  7. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    That aint no justification for puttin someone on a GOAT list. FOH.

    Budden could fall off. Could not. We dont know the future. He could retire tomorrow. Then what?

    Thats like me saying, “when its all said & done Jay Electronica will be crowned GOAT”. I dont know that.

    I’m basing this off what HAS BEEN RELEASED. Not what WILL BE RELEASED. Because what WILL BE RELEASED is nothing but imagination, fueled by stannibalism
    Rigz i was very clear on why i put buddens there, im a stan….i was being facetious….

  8. Iceberg slim Says:

    Oden = Ewing

  9. I Fux Says:

    you’ze a fake a fraud a facsmile straight up imitation copy

  10. b-ease Says:

    Bredahs was saying that shit about Canibus in ‘96 fam

    I know I was (although I think it was 97-98). SMH.

  11. TheCo!!inB Says:

    @ Pap
    I answered your marriage question in the GLC thread *pause*

  12. I Fux Says:

    Yesterday I was watching Oden and no homo but I was trying to find a single thing on him that I could call handsome. much to no avail

  13. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    **kinda sick of G.O.A.T. arguments, especially when the lists are always principally the same 10 guys, with a couple of random stray niggas thrown in there, based on the listmaker’s preference..

    “Yo, top 10 niggas in the game is Nas, Jay, Big, Andre 3000, Scarface, Pun, Eminem, Porkrind Petey Popstar, Klashmatash, and Exothermic Carl…word”

  14. RIGZ Says:

    Rigz i was very clear on why i put buddens there, im a stan….i was being facetious….


    Yea, I know

    But ATCQ actually seems serious

  15. Majaleeg Says:

    twista- no one has stolen anything from him, not even his wallet



    Even though it’s a known fact that Twista stay getting robbed here in the Chi.

  16. Beezy Says:

    If your not including Big L in your list of GOATs you need to hang yourself.

  17. Beezy Says:


    ^This nigga ill. He got flows for days…

  18. SpotOn Says:

    LMAO @ Exothermic Carl

  19. RIGZ Says:

    *daps D Block for listening*

  20. Big Homie Says:

    Jerk Chicken and baked Mac n Cheese >

    I did not have to get my fingers dirty. The meat fell right off the bone.

  21. D_Block_4_Life Says:


    “Puts buds on my tongue to mkae sure the greens clean” (no)

  22. Iceberg slim Says:

    Ghost (Please he never eclipsed commercial success as a solo artist, ask your girl to name 3 ghost songs)
    Pun ( a lyrcist, but thats it, died to soon
    Jay obvious the great
    Nas lets be serious he vanishes every 2-3 years and thats a fact, but he is in the top 5
    Joe Buddens (please, dude has one album in almost 8 years)
    Kiss (has no where near a classic)
    Big (cant argue that, but his early demise is his only hangup
    Busta (gtfoh)
    3k (cant argue this either, but all his album were in a group, so many time he was not required to carry entire albums,
    Face (Please he never locked down entire regions and this includes the south

  23. G7 Says:

    seems like most of the GOAT lists on Nah are done by late 80’s, early 90’s babies. No disrepsect, but Kane, KRS, G Rap, Slick Rick, Ra are >>>>most of the GOAT artists discussed on here.

  24. Joe 88 Says:

    Lil Wayne feat Gutta Gutta “She’s a ryder” = best song on Dedication 3

    She a bout it bitch, of course keep it real
    and she owns 2 twin pumps like a pair of heels
    no nichole richie, no paris hil
    just my gangsta boo that’s spin you like a ferris wheel
    – Gutta

    Gutta killed niggas on every song he was on.

  25. A22 Says:

    This might be the worst song I”ve ever heard.

  26. J. Caesar Says:

    hard to listen to this song when the other one was so much betta

  27. Joe Schmoe Says:

    Weezy went hard, but Jimmy Jones sucks terribly like always. I like how he just jacked Twista’s freestyle of Swagga Like Us and throws it on the end of this song. I can’t wait for SLU pt. 2. I hope Jay-Z rips Jones a new asshole.

  28. AkooMan Says:

    Uh…no..Tip was right everybody wasn’t made for this song thats why he chose who he chose…and kept it moving..Jimmie needs to fall back…;)

  29. Rhe Says:

    Where’s Juelz?

  30. T Singelton Says:


  31. G-Harp the Producer Says:

    “Young Money gangsters/running this shit like a flanker.”

    ^ Oh word? Is Wayne so out of shitty metaphors he’s turning to rugby?

  32. G-Harp the Producer Says:

    “NOE you sound like LL Cool J’s gay brother…
    LL Cool Gay.”

    40 Year Old Virgin shit right there.

  33. rocstar Says:

    s.l.u. part 2 is prolly being re-recorded now

    it should be: Jay-Z feat. Hova, Jigga & S. Dot – Swagga Like Moi

  34. Paperboi P Says:

    No One one the corner has any degrees or real contributions to society so who gives a flying ape shit. Noe sounds like an ex rocafella intern who after the studio sessions went in the bathroom mirror and jerked off to jayz recordings. Jim jones looks like a future pedophile. He’s had one hit his whole career. The only people who swagger jack Lil Wayne are emo and goth heads and dikes who go to nightclubs called the screwdriver. Twista? Hasnt had a hit since…………wait its coming.Why dont they all swagger jack some financial aid and enroll in a community college.

    This message is from the National Association of people who are tired of garbage ass rappers making money

  35. esquire Says:

    this is terrible

  36. Kid Icarus Says:

    Waye stay losing on this one. Another example of overrated.

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