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Video: Keith Murray Speaks On Battle With BDK

Keith Murray speaks on some of the misconceptions about his image, the genuine lack of love, and in to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Big Daddy Kane’s first album, he also recounts the story behind their battle in a N.Y. diner. A story Big Daddy Kane told Juan Epstein about just this week.

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7 Responses to “Video: Keith Murray Speaks On Battle With BDK”

  1. chea Says:

    it’s me bitches

  2. benhameen Says:

    Guy Ritchie’s ARSENAL Nike advert = classic
    more like equals a cheap bite of prodigys smack my bitch up. now this is classic


  3. benhameen Says:


  4. sleep Says:

    7eleven coffee in my obama cup»»»

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  6. spirit equality Says:

    in the video, keith clearly says it WASN’T a battle, yet in the headline and description, you call it a battle? you getting your cointelpro on or are your ears broken?

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