Video: Tony Yayo – Black Friday

Download the mixtape: Tony Yayo – Black Friday

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12 Responses to “Video: Tony Yayo – Black Friday”


    lmaooo at this being the only thing on the site with no comments

  2. Street Hustla Says:

    I feel bad for Yayo I know he not that nice but damn this nigga gets no love from anybody!

  3. MisUnderStood Says:

    The video is hot…I can’t front!

  4. mad Says:

    video only good cuz of tities…50 cent is the only interesting person in g-unit!

  5. yanni Says:

    tony yayo got 2hots mixtapes….No lawyear Money ,O.J guilty……Thats ILL as Fuck


    …im diggin this video, will download this shit…

  7. Belize Says:

    Real talk..Yayo grindin..and that Ghost beat is fukin classic

    :::runs to find SC

  8. MalakiDaGod Says:

    yo u fuckin dis this song real talk….dats rare from me he mite have sumin 2 offer ima download

  9. dj dirt hollywood Says:

    Runnin (Game & Yayo) + this track= yayo whole catalog>Lloyd Banks

  10. Los Says:

    Yayo can do his thing just too many trendy boys like to hate

  11. MisUnderStood Says:

    His mixtape had some gutter music on it! I don’t know if it because there are hardly any hardcore songs anymore…but I kinda like Yayo as of late

  12. MyMBAShitsOnYourBloggerComment Says:

    Usually I like Yayo I prefer he just not sacrilege Mighty Healthy

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