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Video: The Roots Announce Retirement

From touring that is.

Last night in Chicago The Roots announced that they will be retiring from touring EFFECTIVE March 2009. The move is being made to accommodate their new Night Gig as the house band for Jimmy Fallon when he replaces Conan O’Brien as the host of Late Night in March of 2009. Conan will be moved to the Tonight Show.

On the one hand this sucks because, despite The Roots status as the touringest group in Hip-Hop history, and despite the numerous live shows I’ve attended, I have never seen a proper live Roots performance. How is that possible? I don’t know, but I need to make sure I hit one up before March. I know it’s a temporary retirement, but if Fallon’s ratings are good, it could be a while.

On the other hand, this is a great look for them and much deserved.

Video spotted via Straight Bangin

According to this post on OKP, it’s not as dire as it sounds.

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72 Responses to “Video: The Roots Announce Retirement”

  1. Plug Says:

    Ive seen the roots perform at least 19 times.

  2. Plug Says:



  3. Barack Oswagga Says:

    Jimmy Fallon and The Roots? That has so much potential. I might start watching TV again.

  4. A tribe called quest Says:

    damn seeing a roots live performance is on my bucket list. I heard their bassist retired tho

  5. NakedWithSocksOn aka NWSO Says:

    I doubt that includes Black Thought since he doesn’t play any instruments. SO I smell a long awaited Black Thought solo disk on Def Jam perhaps…

  6. Plug Says:

    roots is definetly one of the best live performers ever. busta rhymes is up there too. dude did awhole show up here accapella. the dj had none of his music. so he ripped it plain… and killed it

  7. Mic Sorc Says:

    This is fucking devastating. Do u understand what this will do to the underground hiphop tour game? I’ve been to at least 6 Roots concerts not to mention their New Years jam in Ft Lauderdale a few years back. The demographic of the crowd is insane. They attract more cultures, people, genders, and music lovers than Barack Obamas election night acceptance speech. The Roots provide hiphop lovers with more than just a rap show, it is a music experience. I’m sorry, I love Wu-Tang to death, but the Roots are the ultimate hiphop group in my opinion. Not to mention that Black Thought is tied neck and neck with Nas as far as greatest active MC in the game. What the fuck? Damn that Jay-Z and his shitty record deal offerings. Ever since the Roots jumped on Def Jam they seem to have been more and more musically depressed although you couldnt tell by just seeing them live. I’m gonna love seeing them on tv every night, but the thing I’ve appreciated is that they dont over do it. They’re not always in your face and when they are, its fucking classic. I look forward to their yearly shows in my neck of the woods like it was a stimulus package. Now i fear i might eventually have to change the channel if i get to see them 5 days a week. And what about Black Thought. WHEN THE FUCK WILL BLACK THOUGHT BE ON SOMEBODYS TOP 10 LIST. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? He’s on my top 3 list. Somebody throw this MC a freaking shout out. Somebody, anybody. If Nas is the Rakim of this era, Black Thought is undoubtedly the Big Daddy Kane. I dare you to disagree

  8. RoBaBanK Says:

    yea i really dont know what kanye was trying to do . . . well i know what he was trying to do but it wasent a good attempt

    *deletes 808’s and Heartbreak off comp*

  9. RoBaBanK Says:

    *deletes Kanye off itunes for being soft*

  10. Barack Oswagga Says:


    ^^^OMG..this bitch drives me crazy. My bad SK.

  11. Tone Says:

    OK…..so what does that mean for Black Thought? is he gonna spit bars before every damn show or are we gonna finally get Masterpiece Theatre?

  12. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:


    I feel you on that. I’ve never been to a Roots show either. Gotta do that before I leave this earth!!!

  13. yaboy Says:

    *tries to line up some pussy for tonight*

  14. spirit equality Says:

    every hip-hop fan in america needs to see one roots show.

    their show has actually changed so much over the past 15 years, it’s hard to say if you could even get what the hype was about by catching a show in 2008, but better late than never…

  15. cOLD Says:

    in the future “so and so died” in Nah lite is not a good look.

    I stopped fucking with the roots like in ’01

  16. The Roots Retiring From Touring [NEWS] « PinBoard Says:

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  17. A tribe called quest Says:

    911 Says:
    November 15th, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Just wanted to provide clarity. And somebody tell eskay new york is a shithole. ny is so overrated.

    does anyone cosign this…. anyone at all… i’ll wait….


  18. pockets Says:


    im glad i saw them @ the roseland ballroom in october



  20. Los Scandalous Says:

    Los Angeles>NY

    Nuff Said
    btw So-Cal Women>>>>>Anywhere USA

  21. drew Says:

    eskay did you sell your twitter status to sean p and ruste juxx??

  22. JALbert Says:

    haha, Curtis is on the UFC being interviewed by Joe Rogan, promoting his album. He’s apparently betting on Lesnar.

  23. tommy hedge Says:

    illpath.net new blog want that feedback music@illpath.net


    kenny florian looks like ben stiller

  25. JALbert Says:

    E, you know what the name of that Jay track he came out (pause?) to was?


    nah I didn’t hear it

  27. plug Says:

    LF: Dam I feel bad. I got 2 hot and readys here. but all I can think about is the chick Im tryin to wife up

  28. JALbert Says:

    Damn, nice jiu-jitsu for Kenny. That sweep to mount was dope

  29. JALbert Says:

    who you got for Lesnar/Couture E?

  30. landLORD Says:

    cOLD Says:

    November 15th, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    in the future “so and so died” in Nah lite is not a good look.



  31. plug Says:

    …she wants me to smash…


    who you got for Lesnar/Couture E?
    Lesnar, but I’m not sure about my pick

  33. plug Says:

    please advise

  34. Iceberg Slimm Says:

    plug Says:

    November 15th, 2008 at 11:52 pm
    …she wants me to smash…
    Then do so…

  35. buddyholly Says:

    What did this cunt do to Ye for him to produce this bullshit album?

    I can’t.. I can’t believe this shit I’m hearing, I’m confused like buck…

    *deletes 808s from desktop*


    please advise
    go for it…

    unless you’re really serious about making the other chick your wifey

  37. JALbert Says:

    Jesus Lesnar is a freak… 81″ reach? That’s average for someone 6’9″, not 6’3″.

  38. Joey Says:

    I added some comments about my personal experience. This really upsets me, for admittedly selfish reasons.

  39. PHENOMENON Says:

    cOLD Says:

    November 15th, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    in the future “so and so died” in Nah lite is not a good look.

    ^ ^
    Yea, I saw that earlier but I didn’t want to go and point something like that out.

    I saw that and was like

    “Well damn. . . can a n_gga get a real post? I mean, a death should probably get a real post. . . especially since it was on a fu_kin’ stage.”

  40. Darth Cipher Says:

    OMG!!! the Roots are literally the epitome of what a live show should be, the energy they bring and professionalism is just insane… i’ve seen them 3 times, and everytime was a new experience worth enjoying… this saddens me, but damn good look on catching the gig… i hope they coem to montreal one last time, i’ll be there front row with my camera to capture it all

  41. Via_Pluto Says:

    I kinda like the album….



  42. Beezy Says:

    SMH @ Fiddy being on the UFC PPV reiterating his album is being released on December 9th. He won’t admit to his failures…

  43. TheCo!!inB Says:

    top off the night you hoe ass bitch made punk nahghers….
    Congrats to those cats…i know they’re charging NBC out the ass (none)….Kevin Eubanks is making stupid money with Jay Leno

  44. Jordeez Says:

    This “retirement” is just temporary though (just like everything else in hip-hop). There is no excuse for the heads who’ve never seen a Roots show before. They’ve been on the road since…forever! http://www.weyowzers.com/2008/11/roots-temporarily-retire-from-touring.html

  45. b-ease Says:

    It’s for the best. Black Thought was getting lethargic. I saw em last month fo the fourth time, definetly their weakest perfomance. With all that said, best live hiphop act ever.

    Big Pun>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  46. G-Harp the Producer Says:

    Even if it’s the Tonight Show, I can not think of anything I’d rather do LESS than play back-up to Jimmy Fallon. It won’t be long though, I can’t imagine how compelled people’ll be to watch Jimmy Fallon’s creepy ass every night

  47. b-ease Says:

    The Office>>>>>>>>>>

  48. plug Says:

    fuck these hoes. I thought about it and why would i smash some silly hoodrat bitches when I just smashed one of the baddest hoes this side of the galaxy this morning. and one braud was actin stank toward my homie. and to add insult to injury, the bitch stole my sandwich.

  49. b-ease Says:

    the bitch stole my sandwich.


  50. sleep Says:

    Pussy is a helluva drug

  51. landLORD Says:

    speaking as a rehabilitated thief … stealing another person’s food is the sleasiest form of thievery …

  52. G-Harp the Producer Says:

    that Jax died thing under Nah Right Lite is just sad,
    the man deserves a full post, especially because he died on stage, doing what he loved.


  53. d_block_4_life Says:


    I’m I’m. Tossed righht now…….fuck all. Ya niggas (no)

    Nah ya my niggass


  54. plug Says:

    speaking as a rehabilitated thief … stealing another person’s food is the sleasiest form of thievery …
    I remember workin with this dude back in the day. we chillin in the breakroom and he eatin one of the most delicious sandmiches I ever seen . Im like “yo let me get a peice of ya sandwich.” He like “sure! go ahead! Its not mine. I dont know whos it is”

  55. sleep Says:

    Damm rihanna got a flat ass



  57. yaboy Says:

    *in kanye voice*


  58. spirit equality Says:

    check out this ill remix of the song “Criminal” by The Roots by a producer in the DMV (DC/MD/VA):


    i think that joint sounds crazy! click the link above to check it and
    if you feel it like i do, give the young scrapper Ahkil some
    votes…he was 28 among all the entrants last i checked and needs to
    crack the top 25 to proceed to the next level, so your vote would
    really help! if i didn’t think it was banging, i wouldn’t even mention it but he’s dope and wild humble on top of that, so i’ma bang for him…

  59. prophecy_projectz Says:

    Was this really an offer they couldnt refuse?….I mean really? Back up band for Jimmy “Laughing at the cue cards during monologue’s” Fallon’s ass? A House band for a talk show that comes at like damn near 1am?

    Really Quest, I mean really?……

  60. woodstock on Says:

    1 day they will come back…like Iverson to the East

  61. woodstock on Says:

    oooh ya he’s back….but, GO RAPTORS!!! Onions baby…we miss Chuck!

  62. the watcherz Says:

    sleep Says:

    November 16th, 2008 at 3:14 am
    Damm rihanna got a flat ass

    bony chicks get it too

  63. A tribe called quest Says:

    Cassie has the flattest ass in the “industry”

  64. Hillmatic04 Says:

    Sad to see this but their paper is gonna be continuous straight!!!! Big ups!!!

  65. Dick Shittman Says:

    I shall…


    and continue….

    to pray….

    …for a Black Thought solo album.

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  72. NubianLibrarian Says:

    This is terrible! I love the Roots and have been looking forward to seeing them here in sunny FL this year…damnit!

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