Video: Tha Dogg Pound ft. Turf Talk – Ya’ll Know What I’m Doing

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12 Responses to “Video: Tha Dogg Pound ft. Turf Talk – Ya’ll Know What I’m Doing”

  1. 911 Says:

    that screencap is retarded. yowzers.

  2. Charles Oakley Says:

    Big Daddy Kane – Any Type of Way

  3. 911 Says:


  4. Charles Oakley Says:

    Derrick Rose is the truth

  5. G-Harp the Producer Says:

    I can’t take anyone with those fro-pig-tails seriously, sorry Turf.

  6. Otis_Coole Says:


  7. jrp14 Says:

    One of the worst songs I have ever heard…how old are these dudes, actin like retards

  8. Belize Says:

    I need a mp3 for this..perfect for my chevy

  9. Dick Shittman Says:

    My sister is in this….go Caroline!!!

  10. Mickey Ganja Says:

    Hook up the digits

  11. misterchane Says:

    turf talk with that drive by ride by walk by voice
    nice to see a low budget rap video with semi stars again….
    industry collapse is taking things back to early 90’s

  12. Kwelity Says:

    This is easily the worst song i’ve ever heard.

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