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Video: Dutch ft. Bump J, Nitti & Gillie Da Kid – Ryder Muzik

Bonus: Freeway & Gillie Da Kid – Living My Life (2DB!)

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13 Responses to “Video: Dutch ft. Bump J, Nitti & Gillie Da Kid – Ryder Muzik”


    What is this about Gille Da Kid being on some “To Catch A Predator” type sh_t?

  2. SDP Says:

    saying your the shit in a million different ways > thinking a genre of music saved your life…..and making some kind of metaphor from cheeseburgers

    ..hey…but thats just me

  3. ant Says:

    that gillie PSA about dirty dude is classic…
    but the video of dirty dude was sick too he was flowen


    Gillie Da Kid ethers people in the most brutal way

    GDK = king of ether battles

  5. pockets Says:

    uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhh uhh


    first round i spat eight bars he didnt believe ill be the winner
    i merked Eng with eight bars like fat people eating snickers
    …get it, ate bars, nvm its like uve never heard of that
    my eight bars were eight shorter Jada needs to merk a track
    really read those lines homie i deserve a plaque
    not the kind thats in Eng’s gums but that kind that gets u heard, im that
    muthachucka with an appetite like im going out to lunch
    im going in so hard thats the sound of esko’s server bout to bust
    nations coming through with a screwdriver and the plunger
    cuz im the shit im mr. shit yuckk im on the toilet wheres the flusher
    and im the urine plus the diarrhea on the seat
    cuz im so the shit im the shit i couldnt keep it in before i leaked


  6. SDP Says:

    royce da 5’9


  7. pr0lif Says:

    Jesus, how many songs are out there called “Ri(y)der Mus(z)ic(k)”?

    Can we get a list w/ artists’ names goin?

  8. Jimmy Says:

    That dude can’t also be named Bump J. I was anticipating some sort of Chicago Philly callabo but I guess not. And this shit cant be compared to Lupe thats like comparing clowns to kings.

  9. ninefourteen Says:

    gillie is the truth

  10. ninefourteen Says:

    gillie is the truth

  11. cam Says:

    just to let u know boy’ll name been bumpy johnson sense 98 99 sense they started major figgaz

  12. Smitty313 Says:

    Gillie murdered that.

  13. Late Pass Says:

    FREE BUMP!!!

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