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Video: Jim Jones & Skull Gang Present A Tribute to Bad Santa Starring Mike Epps

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9 Responses to “Video: Jim Jones & Skull Gang Present A Tribute to Bad Santa Starring Mike Epps”


    Yo Land where you at?

    Knicks doing aight tonight man

    Who the fuck is the Thunder?

    They let a wnba team into the Nba or somthing, what i miss?

  2. chea Says:

    jim jones is a bitch


    Everyone is eligible to be a blogger. And guess what? You don’t get your [behind] kicked for saying something outrageous, because you did it from your keyboard. Everyone’s tough enough to disrespect you (C) curtis

    Shots Fired at the owner of Nahright?

    You do be shitting on 50 lol

  4. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    you niggas were buggin earlier. . .

    that yeezy and wayne track is bananas.

    but SMH @ him makin an entire album about alexis. . . .

  5. rudeboy Says:

    jim jones eat a dick

  6. Keyboard K Says:

    Lol @ cats making Xmas mixtapes. Father Christmas ain’t checkin for the hood.


    @ Mr. P – I thought it might be something to do with his mum passing as well…

  7. jersey da new new york Says:

    yo stop givin this fuckin fagget play on this page…he’s a fucking BUM!!…JIGGA SAID IT BEST!!…FUCK JENNY JONES,BYRD SHYT,SKULL GIVAZ,AND 730 BITCH…

  8. dollabillz Says:

    i like Jim JOnes, but “you know the world’s gone MAD when Blacks wear Plaid and Mariah has married nick Cannon”

    –Asher Roth

  9. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:

    What happened to Katt Williams?

    No more Dip Set?

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