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Audio: Kanye West Def Jam Conference Call


Here’s the call Kanye did earlier. He speaks on the album but doesn’t take any questions.

Kanye West Def Jam Conference Call

Props to BoBO

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20 Responses to “Audio: Kanye West Def Jam Conference Call”

  1. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    what would jeezy do?

    *adopts new mantra into life*

    *cops birdies @ 17.5*

  2. A Sock-O-Drama Says:

    what if jeezy was one of us…just a slob like one of us…

  3. BLuHaZe Says:

    *goes on vacation*
    *rides jet skis during the recession*

  4. Rey Says:

    I know people are gonna be really surprised by this…

    …but I’m really looking forward to this album.

  5. landLORD Says:

    he’s acting like he’s inventing the wheel … dude is bugging for real … saying “no nigga ever this, and no nigga ever that” … and what he’s saying is not true … people have sold out tours 10 & 20 years after their records came out … and while he’s good at what he does, his demands to be recognized as some great musical picasso are unjustified …

  6. Kanye West’s Def Jam Conference Call « 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] I spoke on this this conference call on every Kanye post made today, so here it is in it’s entirety courtesy of BoBo. And since I’m in a rush and can’t upload myself, I’ll jack eskay’s link haha. There’s only a few artists that I don’t mind posting on 3+ times a day. Yeezy is one of them for sure. […]

  7. Via_Pluto Says:

    That amazing joint is nice. I’m going to buy this album just on the strength I know this nigga lying about being heart broken(about his girl), so I know it will be entertaining nonetheless.

  8. Mr.Londoner Says:

    dood is saying the n-word alot.. no?!

    and anything tour in June?! wtf.. he toured Europe twice in a year, and gonna do it in the U.S as well..

  9. MalakiDaGod Says:


  10. Riles Says:

    LOL @ “What would Jeezy do?”

  11. Disco Vietnam Says:

    Who is this guy? Sarah Palin?

  12. biz Says:

    nah fuck dat as long as bitches like it!!! do u ‘ye.

  13. pilx Says:


  14. Electric L Says:

    kanye lookin a little suspect in that shot

  15. 16 years old Says:

    He doesn’t look/sound OK, but I gotta help a brother out, right?

  16. SB Says:

    this dood is such a fucking clown. man.

  17. rec Says:

    Ye is jackin Pee Wee Herman’s swagger now (smh)

  18. BCTW Says:

    He played himself when he realized he was calling females bitches and backtracked quick as a mofo to address the presumed bitches as “young ladies”…

  19. Slayer Says:

    if he is a normal dude and didnt wantr fame, why act like a b*tch then? why hog the lime-light? he’s a hypocrite -idiot.

    ps…we got a black president….so the level he wants to take it to has BEEN done, I’m sure.

  20. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Suge Sues Kanye Over Miami Shooting Says:

    […] like at this point Kanye could run up on him rocking the suit and the heart from his 808’s promo pics and have this dude under […]

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